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During your time in college, you will certainly be asked to interview somebody as part of a class assignment or project. Perhaps you have to interview a city manager for a public policy class to get their opinion about how to properly run a city. Or you decide to interview a police officer to find out the challenges they face while on the job. You might even interview a classmate to find out their hobbies and interests. If you have never written an essay based on interview questions, PrimeEssays.com is here to help. We offer  interview writing for students that helps them get top grades! We can take your interview questions and turn them into an informative, coherent essay.


When conducting an interview, there are a few options for designing the questions:

  • Closed questions. For these questions, you provide the interviewee with a few specific responses to choose from. These are the kinds of questions that you would ask if you want to do quantitative research since you can use their responses to generate data.
  • Open-ended (hypothetical) questions. These types of questions can provide you with a whole range of possible answers since the interviewee is not limited in how they can respond. This can be especially useful if you are asking questions that require a lot of elaboration.
  • Specific/direct questions. With these questions, you are only asking for yes/no/no opinion answers. You would ask these questions when you want very basic information about the interviewee’s stance on certain issues.
  • Verbal probes. These include questions or statements such as, “What happened next?” and “I see.” It encourages the interviewee to go into more detail about their experiences.

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