My biggest aspiration in life is to help create an environment where people can live as equals without disregard or discrimination on cultural or traditional grounds. In my country, Kuwait, women lack equal position where they can be represented equal as men in every perspective. They are considered not capable of performing duties as male counterparts. This propulsion force initiated in me the urge to find a way that will help instigate men and women to view each other as equals in the society. My journey to achieve this goal has been a journey of experiences and important lessons understood along the way. After my graduation, I had the opportunity to work as telesales agent, an advisor and senior advisor where I developed sales skills and techniques with the on-the-job training programs that I participated. I later obtained employment as an office services supervisor in an educational center.

After receiving Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration in the University of Los Angeles, I wanted to apply the knowledge of Public Administration as basics to teach people on public relations. I can only achieve the management process in implementing administration policies after I have attained a Ph.D. Of all the Universities I know, none reaches the standards and reputations of USC. With the professional guidance and experience, the professionals at USC impart to students, and the insightful investigative research sessions the University offers. I have the confidence that my skills in Public Policy and Management will help me create a favorable environment where everybody would enjoy an equal right regardless of gender or any other basis. Acquired skills will help me apply my professional experience in administration and management of different tasks while dealing with the public. I am aware that Public Policy and Administration require hard work, commitment and sacrifice to achieve the best results from lectures and practical lessons.

Over the years, my journey to achieve my goal has led me to different places in search of the best education to be offered. Avenues and opportunities to interact with different personalities and professionals have helped me develop additional skills in public policy and administration. I have been recommended both orally and in written form for the many achievements. These include an Award of Excellence for my outstanding telesales recital, which added greatly to the company sales in the year 2008. I was then ranked the company's best performer and employee of the year. Other awards include Top Telesales Advisor, the Telesales Star of the Month, an Appreciation Certificate from Economic Development Department at KAUST (the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) and the first female employee who obtained 100% at the Work Permit Training by KAUST. These experiences shifted my perception of why there were fewer opportunities for women in the world of professionals. It created a passion that I would like to fulfill in instilling awareness of gender equality among the people of Kuwait. I am also a member of the P.M.P.Y.D (Prince Mohammed Program for Youth Development) and a certified member from the ARC (American Red Cross) as a First Aid Worker.

In the year 2013, I received my Master’s degree in the University of Los Angeles with a GPA of 3.94 out four. This was a scholarship from the Government of Kuwait as an appreciation of my responsibility in creating a favorable environment for public policy and administration. It was during my Masters degree that I developed my knowledge on public policy and administration working on a thesis that was to investigate effectiveness of tax increment financing (TIF) as an economic development incentive in Los Angeles. This helped understand public conception and the effects of different policies on lives of people. During the spring 2007, I received my Bachelors degree in French Literature from the University of Kuwait with a GPA of 3.82.

I attended conferences so that I could understand what it entails to achieve a professional goal

The workshops I attended include: the 12th Annual Southern California Summit in 2013, Safe Environment for Learning and Growth, Part I & Part II in 2013, Diversity Leadership Workshop in 2013, and the 11th Annual Ventura County Housing Conference in 2012. From these workshops, I got a chance to build up my traits that are to help me achieve my ultimate goal as a public administrator. I have become a good communicator, gained interest in current trends and issues.  I also received experience in social networking programs and was responsible cheerleader of the team as an avenue of implementing public policies. I also am proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and internet research. I can fluently speak in English and Arabic with an understanding in French though I am not fluent. These are the traits that will help me accomplish my personal goal in working environments that I am to encounter as a Public Manager.

In 2006, I attained a Microsoft Degree A from the Model Academy for International Training located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and attended a training seminar in Job preparation in the private sector, which was organized by the Human Resources Development Fund, New Horizon. In 2007, I attended the Customer Service Course organized by the International High Institute; the Computer World Course organized by the New Horizon Institute and attained the Certificate of Achievement in Inbound and Outbound Agent Training organized by AT&T College of Call Center Excellence (UK). In 2007 - 2009, I worked as a Senior Advisor in BUPA (British Company for Health Insurance) located in Kuwait City. I had the responsibility of forming agreements between corporate and small business clients and membership department, resolved customer service issues and kept track of customer updates. I also supervised 14 employees at BUPA Company.

I have attained professional trainings to build on my public personality

In 2008, I attended a Mind Map Course organized by the Professional Step Center. In 2009, I attended the Caesar Program organized by BUPA. In 2010, I attended a Work Permit and Safety Training, a Quality Management System and a Process of Work Organization. In the year 2011, I was an Office Services Supervisor in KAUST Project in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. In this project I was responsible for hiring, and evaluating personnel and liaise with executive superiors to report competition, give updates, reconstruct changes and negotiate contracts on behalf of the company with subsidiaries and subcontractors. I was also to oversee six teams each having 4-8 members.

I have the confidence that the management skill in Public Policy that I will gain from your institution will help me establish a good and favorable performance and relations environment for people in Kuwait. I look forward to receiving an acceptance letter to join your institution to achieve my Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management. 

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