University of California is among the best universities in the region. It is centrally located. It is in a city that is among the most beautiful cities in the world. The scenery is amazing making an all rounded student. There is a full campus experience. The University enrolls students from all over the world making any student to be flexible because there is diversity and integration. The quality of lecturers and the breadth of classes provide a good environment for learning and personal growth. Transfers are easily done in this university, in that, there is no hustle and bustle. The University also offers orientation for transfers, and this gives an amazing experience. It upholds integrity and proposes security to all its students. These services make it easier to study even to the wee hours of the morning.

The University offers non-remedial tutoring making it easier for slow students to catch up in their studies. This is among the many services that the university proffers to make the students’ life easy. The University participates in many competitions and this broadens the thinking capacity of students. Recently the university’s alumni’s product won in Shark Tank. Therefore, the university provides a good foundation for its students to excel in the corporate world.

The University also makes it easy for students to pay their tuition because it gives options for tuition payment. It also supports needy students through various programs. The University also provides boarding services making it easier to access classes and library services from within the campus. Economics accounts for 14% of students. The subject is among the best courses taught in this university. Recent statistics shows that 92% of students are satisfied with their studies and there is also a high retention rate of freshmen.

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