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Master institution is a diverse educational place with a variety of students who wish to pursue their business interests and get professional knowledge for the development of their future career. I hope that I will have the possibility to join one of the groups of highly motivated students that get their Master’s degree at the London University.

Being someone who has always been interested in mvanagement and the organization of workforces, the Management and Human Resource program has immediately interested me. I have an exceptional passion for Human Resource Management and organizational functions. This passion led me to the decision to apply for this Master course, and the information presented below will help in demonstrating my interests, capabilities and the way my future aspirations align with this choice.

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As many people in the Middle East, I was raised in a large family with a business background. My father was a well-known person in my city, as well as in the whole country, so that I was able to witness him dealing with diverse people from all over the world. My father became my inspiration because everything he had was the result of his diligence and sharpness. That was one of the reasons why I went to the international baccalaureate school and later to an international university.

Looking at some students, I was surprised because it seemed like they went to get high education because of somebody’s will and not their own. What about me, I was extremely motivated because I wanted to show my family that their son does everything to justify their hopes for my life. Except spending a lot of time for getting theoretical knowledge, I contributed to the global news section of my university, writing business articles. At the same time, I also helped with the division of duties in the informative team of the university.

Studies at the university were successful, and I finished my degree in almost two years. As an international business administration student who concentrated on management, I was accepted as an intern for a well-known organization in Jordan and observed the process of work of HR managers in various diverse systems.

During the first internship that lasted for two years, I was a part of an organization that issued a newspaper, well-known in the Middle East region. I helped to increase the motivation of some employees by communicating with the supervisor and proposing some innovations to the process of team work. Of course, I helped with the HRM process as well. In addition to this, we successfully revived the image of the company in social media networks. In general, I felt like I made a visible contribution to the development of this company and was glad that this internship was crowned with success, fostering my interest and supporting my decision to start Master studies in HR management.

During the second internship, I got acquainted with the work of Middle East trading organization. The professionals, who became my colleagues for a certain period of time, encouraged my business interest and kindly explained all details of trading processes. I realized that this experience inspired me because I saw many people who love their profession and put all their energy for the sake of company’s success.

Finally, I thought that I have experienced many things, but it is never enough to stop personal and professional development. For now, my goal is an admission to Master studies in Human Resource Management at the London University. What about my future career aspirations, I would like to pursue a doctorate in this field and work as a successful HR manager. I have no doubts that the prospects afforded to me by this prestigious institution will guide me towards my aspirations.

I trust that I will not only benefit from this degree but that will also be an asset to the institution. My motivation and proper guidance, as well as tireless work already brought the results and let me finish my business degree in almost two years. However, I have other interests apart from the academic ones. As an extremely determined and ambitious individual, I was able to train in the art of singing and performing at my previous schools. This determination assisted me and led to the number of successful performances in my home country. I am a great fan of hiking because I think that studying should be accompanied with an active rest to make both mind and body healthy.

Of course, I was also taught that every person should bring something good for the society. My profession is not going to be closely connected with any kind of charity or social work; therefore, I started to volunteer by helping underprivileged students every Saturday. I think it is a good free-time occupation, and I would like to continue volunteering.

To sum up, I consider myself a valuable student who needs the prospects for professional development and aspires to pursue the Master degree in Human Resource Management at the London University. It would be a perfect opportunity to be taught by world classic academics and network with talented people who know how to study and what to study for. I plan to become a professional and a successful leader who knows how to develop the main directions of the company by supporting and motivating employees and making the process of work interesting, and the admission to Master studies at the London University is the first step to realization of my plans.

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