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How do you write a personal statement that stands out?

A brilliant personal statement is an original and very personal work, which incorporates the most relevant information about your achievements.

Your task is to describe yourself in ways, which will allow the selection committee to see your talents and potential for future studies. The selection committee will seek an applicant, who can become a proficient academic specialist and a recognized professional. You must convince them that you are the one. So, you will have to craft a personal statement, which reflects your values and communicates your goals and expectations. They must be congruent with the philosophy and worldview promoted by the department of your choice. You have to display your readiness to engage in learning activities and provide additional value to the college or university that agrees to take you.

What should your personal statement include?

The more information you provide the better are your chances that the graduate committee will understand your point and send you an offer for admission. However, do not overload your paper with information. Be concise. For example, you may want to describe some really problematic situation you have ever encountered in your life, the way you resolved it and the effects it had on your life. This way, the selection committee will see that you are not afraid of difficulties and you are creative enough to overcome any barriers in your life. Do not forget to tell the committee about your experiences as a team member or a team leader. Colleges and universities seek applicants who can easily engage in teamwork experiences and share their knowledge and expertise with other students. Finally, it is never too late to admit your weaknesses and previous faults. A personal statement is a great opportunity to explain why your life used to be troubled and what you did to make it better.

The key idea guiding your personal statement is that you seek academic success against all odds.

You may also want to add the following information to make your personal statement even more impressive:

  • Describe the barriers you faced on your way to excellence in professional and academic domains;
  • Share your worldview and persuade the admission committee that you have a thorough understanding of the present-day world. Show readiness to share the experience you have accumulated with the university or college that invites you to become its student. Describe your interests. Is there anything specific you would want to explore or study as a student? Provide your reasons why it is important for you and the university of your choice.
  • Consider different issues that are affecting your life today.
  • Discuss your management and leadership qualities. Center on those, which could translate into academic advances as you are working through your times as a student. Describe the broader social and political conditions that could help you become a student.

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