Every person has personal and professional goals that are mostly connected with future prosperity, success in all spheres of his or her life, etc. I am not an exception in this case. The goals that I pursue are indissolubly connected with my education. I put all my faith in becoming an outstanding professional in the field I have chosen and long for doing all the best for my country.

To begin with, I am convinced that I should finish my studies as soon as possible and spend my time abroad. I am going to enhance my practical knowledge and gain new experience that will help me in the future. Purdue University is exactly that place that provides its students with an excellent basis for personal and professional development. To my way of thinking, all those facilities and exceptionally auspicious atmosphere in the university are indispensable in realizing all my plans. Furthermore, the university`s recreational center and libraries are extra proofs that Purdue education promises great future opportunities.

Secondly, one of my personal priorities is becoming an expert and highly qualified specialist in my field. As far as the university has a high reputation, I will go to great lengths to meet the required SAP standards and correspond to Purdue`s norms. Understanding the fact that I have to make efforts to sustain the university`s reputation will force me to go from strength to strength and work harder. Moreover, my education will give me a chance to meet a lot of international students that in the future can become my partners throughout the world. Hence, I will achieve both my personal and professional goals. Naturally, while studying with these students I will also have a chance to learn more about their cultures, which is also a part of my personal plans.

Taking everything into consideration, Purdue University is an excellent basis that will give me endless opportunities to realize my potential both in personal and professional spheres.

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