As our Purdue university essay will show, Purdue continues to be one of the country’s most highly-respected and innovative higher-level educational institutions. It is where the “Boilers” or “Boilermakers” call home and it boasts the world’s biggest bass drum as well as a writing laboratory that enjoys the unequivocal approval of experts. Since Purdue was founded in the year 1869, with its main campus in West Lafayette in the State of Indiana, it has come far.

Purdue has been called the top choice for overseas students who want to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM subjects) by the USA’s Department of Homeland Security, and both of the university’s agriculture and engineering programs are renowned all over the world. Furthermore, the world’s first degree program in aviation was offered by Purdue and the campus is even home to the second biggest airport in the entire Indiana state.

While preparing this Purdue university essay, we found that a large number of the 30,000 undergraduates here consider this a place of exceptional opportunity - wide-ranging opportunities that include pre-professional co-ops and internships in Fortune 500 companies.

High school students all over the country covet a place at Purdue. Getting admitted is not very easy with only 57% of applicants accepted. It involves writing a Purdue university essay of application as well as completing other admission paperwork. To help students with this process, the experts at have put together the following list of prompts and tips:

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Prompts for an Application Essay for Purdue University

Prompt Number One

How admission to Purdue will support your aspirations and interests - both within and outside the classroom (aim for a 100-word response.)

The aim of this prompt is primarily to help you identify specific study programs for your Purdue university supplement essay and to say why these programs appeal to you. The best way to answer this is to provide a balanced response that combines your accomplishments and interests with the unique opportunities that Purdue offers.

One mistake that you could easily make in your response to this could be to focus too heavily on one or other of these factors. If, for example, you do not focus enough on programs that are specific to Purdue it might seem you are not sufficiently familiar with them, while focusing excessively on them might not allow you room to say how the offerings at Purdue fit with your aspirations. Due to the word limit, the key is conciseness.

With regards to being concise, write a straight-to-the-point sentence of introduction. Unless you know what you are doing, avoid trying to establish extendable metaphors. Neither should you worry about creating fancy inter-sentence transitions (keep everything brief). The best approach here is to be methodical and direct.

The following is a rough outline for the structure of your essay:

  • Introductory Section (Between Zero and Two Sentences)

Introducing your response is unlikely to take more than one sentence. In the event you choose to describe organizations related to only one of your interests, you could think about writing one umbrella or covering statement in this section.

Here is an example: “Friends say I am a political animal.” This statement is concise and it gives you scope to select specific politics-based programs and to explain the value of these.

What not to write, “Purdue is an excellent university with lots of organizations I would love to get involved in.” There are 16 words in this opening sentence but adds absolutely nothing to the subsequent response. It now leaves only 84 words to play with! While a statement like this is not especially bad or incorrect, it is way better to get straight to the real content. Unless there is something you strongly feel warrants a whole paragraph of introduction, condense your complete response into one single paragraph. If the introduction does not provide the scope for you to delve directly into a particular interest or program, you can delete it without it affecting the meaning of your whole essay.

  • Body Section (Between Five and Seven Sentences)

The number of sentences here is not exact because a lot depends on the length of the sentences. You should aim to address the question here in a very direct manner. One good strategy is to merge particular programs and describe their relevance to you. Try to switch back and forth between the programs. See the examples below:

“I think singing is enriching from a social perspective, so it is my hope to join one of the acapella groups at Purdue.”

“The way crops are affected by pesticides has always fascinated me. Consequently, I would like to carry out some research work under the guidance of one of the respected professors of agriculture at Purdue. This would help me specialize in a career in agriculture.” (NB: Avoid mentioning a particular professor as a way of name-dropping; do this only if their work is well-known to you.)

“I would love to study at Purdue’s Honors College where I would be working with like-minded scholars.”

“I would love to play one day for the university’s renowned Boilermakers. Having played in football teams for ten years this is something I have long dreamed of.” These sentences are a great way of adding balance. The one risk here is the possibility of saturating your essay with an excessive amount of unrelated interests. While it is prudent to avoid complex transitions, they should still be included to make your essay flow well. Make sure also that the link between different interests and/or activities is clearly explained. Any one interest may involve several activities or any one activity may involve several interests. Both situations are absolutely fine.

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  • Concluding Section (Zero to One Sentence)

The concluding section is probably the one you could most easily skip. A closing statement or remark is only necessary when it is sufficiently powerful and makes your overall essay more cohesive. In the event you have covered a wide variety of interests, you need not bother with this section.

Example of a good closing statement: “Attendance on these science programs will enable me to contribute to the world in a positive way.” This statement suggests a wider global outlook and has the potential to greatly enhance what is probably an already well-focused essay.

What not to write, “All these Purdue programs sound great and are sure to make my experience here unique.” While this sentiment is quite sweet, its only purpose is clocking up words. Instead, think about beginning your last program and interest combination with a transitional word such as “lastly” to indicate your essay is coming to an end.

Prompt Number Two

Discuss (in fairly brief terms) why you want to pursue the degree program you have chosen (aim again for a 100-word response.)

This “why” question is a classic in this type of essay! However, you have limited space for your answer! Questions like these can be deceptive because you have to meet two separate objectives here. Firstly, you have to explain why you chose a particular major and also to show what is involved in achieving a major in that discipline as you move forward.

Very often, the coursework for a particular subject is very different at college level than it is at high school level. Take great care to demonstrate you are aware of what lies ahead for you. Take psychology as an example where it may mean nothing more than familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary in high school while it means intense statistical analysis and a great deal of observational work at college level.

Because you are limited by word count, it will not be possible to provide an entirely detailed account of your various experiences in your chosen subject. Hence, you should focus on the things that most directly affect and motivate you. Inspiration can take numerous forms. It often helps to consider it in the context of a couple of experiences, activities or classes. The most impactful and powerful approach is to concentrate on specific points that changed the focus of your education (outside and in class).

Take a look at these examples:

You worked as an intern in a medical environment that allowed you to watch a heart surgeon perform life-saving surgery. This experience inspired a long-lasting desire to save lives yourself. Therefore, you hope to join a biology program that provides a pre-med track.

It was only when you discovered Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus that you began to like math. You were amazed initially but you knew you had found your life’s passion when your mind would become full of velocity graphs at the oddest times.

You loved tennis as a youngster. You played and were a great fan of the professionals but you despaired when one of your idols sustained injuries. This led you to wanting to study sports medicine and go on to work with the pros on world tours.

The first Model UN conference you attended was so inspiring you immediately knew you wanted a career in diplomacy. You would even read UN papers during your free time.

One requirement that is important in all the above is to show that your experiences are unique and how they impact your degree choice. Use emotional language as much as possible. Showing you know your own mind will stand you in good stead. A superficial mention to something you are involved in is insufficient. When dealing with this essay prompt, the depth you go into means more than the breadth of material you cover.

There is good scope for creativity in the way you format this type of essay. If it is the case there are two clear sections in your writing, focusing on separate ideas of aspects of some idea, it is permissible to break these down into two more manageable parts. For example, you might first devote a part to some relevant anecdote and the second to setting out your plan for acting accordingly.

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Prompt Number Three

Elaborate briefly on some extracurricular experience or activity (allow 250 words for this prompt).

This is another staple prompt for college applications: elaborating on some extracurricular activity. However, here you really do have a bit of breathing space.

In comparison to other essay prompts for Purdue, this prompt is more direct and straightforward. Choose one out-of-school activity and expand on what you mentioned in the “activities or interests” section of your application or your resume. You may earn extra points by showing an activity has helped you grow personally.

Your greatest challenge in this section will probably be selecting a good activity to focus on. The most impressive activity is not necessarily the one you should choose. Very often, it can be equally effective to write about a fairly grounded experience.

In the event there is a main theme to your essay or application (e.g. intellectual excellence, social involvement, or a commitment to some service), you may want to choose an activity linked to this main theme, even when that link is only a loose one. This tends to give an application a sense of overall cohesiveness.

Or, by contrast, you could show you have the ability to take an interest in and engage with the wider world from a number of, sometimes opposing, perspectives. Showing that your portfolio is diverse tends to indicate mature thinking and someone who is able to see things from many angles.

While the subject matter allows some freedom, avoid writing just any old thing. Ensure the information you provide is new. can help you with choosing accomplishments from your college application - your job is to focus on particular tasks related to chosen activities and to say why these have had such an impact.

Knowing how to get into Purdue university means understanding that a supplementary essay should not necessarily be long, but it still gives you creative scope with regards to structure and content. Try starting off with an attention-grabbing “hook” that makes readers want to hear more.

A Few Last Words

Writing supplementary college essays is not especially easy but you should succeed by following the above steps. At the moment, you are possibly feeling very stressed but take a deep breath! While it may not always appear to be so, the process of applying to college does actually have an ending. You should find everything works out and you should feel great relief when the task is over.

The most significant aspect of writing a college essay (for Purdue and other colleges) is ensuring your uniqueness shines through. If this worries you, get members of your family or friends to read what you have written. These people know you well and they will know if the real you shine through in your writing. The opinions of outsiders are very valuable in assessing a written piece!

Purdue University Supplement Essay Sample

Every person has personal and professional goals that are mostly connected with future prosperity, success in all spheres of his or her life, etc. I am not an exception in this case. The goals that I pursue are indissolubly connected with my education. I put all my faith in becoming an outstanding professional in the field I have chosen and long for doing all the best for my country.

To begin with, I am convinced that I should finish my studies as soon as possible and spend my time abroad. I am going to enhance my practical knowledge and gain new experience that will help me in the future. Purdue University is exactly that place that provides its students with an excellent basis for personal and professional development. To my way of thinking, all those facilities and exceptionally auspicious atmosphere in the university are indispensable in realizing all my plans. Furthermore, the university`s recreational center and libraries are extra proofs that Purdue education promises great future opportunities.

Secondly, one of my personal priorities is becoming an expert and highly qualified specialist in my field. As far as the university has a high reputation, I will go to great lengths to meet the required SAP standards and correspond to Purdue`s norms. Understanding the fact that I have to make efforts to sustain the university`s reputation will force me to go from strength to strength and work harder. Moreover, my education will give me a chance to meet a lot of international students that in the future can become my partners throughout the world. Hence, I will achieve both my personal and professional goals. Naturally, while studying with these students I will also have a chance to learn more about their cultures, which is also a part of my personal plans.

Taking everything into consideration, Purdue University is an excellent basis that will give me endless opportunities to realize my potential both in personal and professional spheres.

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