Your Reasons for Transferring and the Objective That You Hope to Achieve at Pepperdine University

I am a Tibetan student from a small town called Shangri-La, in China. I would really like to transfer from Seattle Central Community College to Pepperdine University for various reasons. First, Pepperdine is a Christian university with its own beliefs and values of life. The environment of the school and very beautiful campus are very appealing to me. Besides, the school is small, so it feels like a big family to me.

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As I major in communications, I believe that Pepperdine with its diverse environment is the perfect place where I can communicate with students from other countries and learn many interesting things about their culture. Not only do I want to get to know other cultures, but I also want to share my, Tibetan culture, with other students. I believe that Pepperdine is just the right place where American, Tibetan, and Chinese cultures can be studied. In the future, I want to become a reporter so this school will help me greatly in achieving my goal. I will work very hard to study for my courses and pass all the tests without any problems.

In addition, I want to create a Tibetan Culture club so that students of Pepperdine University were able to learn about Shangri-La, the place where I am from, its history, Tibetan food, traditions, and culture. I love music and singing very much, so I hope to perform in front of other students. My great hope is to learn how to communicate with different audiences and become a good communicator and listener. Studying at Pepperdine, I hope to become closer to God. As the Bible says, “God has a plan in your life”. My hope is to study at this wonderful university, attend church with my fellow students, and enjoy the warmth that the big university family can give me.

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