Writing a Reflective Essay

The purpose of any reflective essay is to provide the writer with an opportunity to reflect on some event or happening. You can write about anything you want in your paper. Or you may need to discuss some aspect of your life according to the requirements provided by your professor. For example, your supervisor may ask you to watch some movie or read some book and reflect on its contents. You will also have to link the knowledge you have gained from the movie or book to your classroom readings. This seems to be the most typical way to produce a superb reflective essay. In any case, you must read your professor's instructions thoroughly and ask questions, if you have any confusion or misunderstanding. You can also follow our recommendations to become a world-class reflective essay writer.

Writing a Luxurious Reflective Essay for a Better Grade

As a diligent student, you certainly want to produce a perfect reflective essay, which will impress your professor and bring you the desired A+. Remember that a strong and convincing persuasive essay will be very personal. You will have to conduct an in-depth analysis of the book or movie you are discussing and look much deeper into your own feelings and thoughts. However, that does not mean that you should not follow the basic conventions of formal essay writing. A challenge is to be personal, while staying within the limits imposed on academic paper works.

Create an Outline

Writing a reflective essay is not a problem, since you will have enough freedom to express yourself. However, it is never too late to craft a strong outline, which you will follow while working on your paper.

Develop a Proper Structure

In most cases, your reflective essay will be structured the way you want it. That is, you will not need to follow any specific requirements regarding the structure of your work. However, as you are working on your paper and developing its outline, you may realize that a well-structured essay is a better alternative to a paper that lacks any structure at all.

Try to follow this easy structure:

  • Write an introductory paragraph, in which you introduce the reader to the topic of your reflective essay. Include details and outline the themes you will cover in your paper. Convince the reader that your reflective essay is worth reading!
  • Then develop the body of your essay, in which you elaborate on each theme you have specified in the introduction.
  • Finally, develop a conclusion in which you summarize the main points and reflect on your personal reactions to the book or movie you have chosen.

Reflective Essay Topics

When writing a reflective essay, choose the topic which best suits your discipline, your interests, your preferences, and your academic needs. Write about whatever makes you feel comfortable or unique. However, you have to be very thorough choosing the topic. You should not forget about your readers. The topic you choose must be relevant to your discipline but also be interesting to your readers. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired academic result. In case of any difficulties, contact us!

Reflective Essay Citation and Formatting

Reflective essays do give some freedom of self-expression, but they do not save you from the responsibility to format and structure your paper properly. Use the citation style requested by your tutor. It can be anything from MLA to Oxford. Contact your teacher to ask questions, if you do not fully understand the formatting requirements for your reflective paper.

Free Reflective Essay Sample to Read Out (Ethnicity)

A personal reflective essay allows the writer to express himself/herself freely about a particular subject. It helps the writer to convey ideas learned and findings. The main goal is to relay you own believes, observations or attitudes.  Ethnicity, therefore, embraces groups that can be differentiated by the color of their skin, the language spoken, the religion, the tribe and its affiliations, the different races, nationalities and castes.

The struggle for ethnic identity has led to far-reaching consequences to different states. Ethnicity is carried violence, democracy and patronage at its backyard. According to Max Weber, ethnicity is the groups that entertain a subjective believe in their common descent. Ethnicity is worldwide and sprawling like world fire that cannot be contained.

In Italy, ethnicity is viewed through a common ancestry. In the Italy I the citizenship and speak Italian.  My experience was still diverse with the fact that I was coming from two different cultural backgrounds though I had to cope with it. Language being one of the most ethnical tools I had to learn to cope with parents who had different accents, one who was Venezuelan and my Italian mother. The skin color of my mother and father were different. However, the ethnic difference of skin, different languages, norms, values and accents did not matter so much since it was easier for my parents to cope while I grew up as a full Italian citizen.

Ethnicity had also estranged me   from my father’s country and having learnt my mother tongue it would be a big challenge to communicate well with my relatives from Venezuela. I also had a sense of belonging to Venezuela despite having grown in Italy. My father’s relatives hailed from Venezuela giving me the right of ancestry.

The culture and believes of people in Italy are different from the culture and believes of the people in Venezuela. However, having a father who hails from this country, it interestingly presented a scenario where some ethnic values are eroded naturally.  It was also difficult to know which my tribe was since my parents were multicultural.

Ultimately I can say vividly that I was not so much disturbed by the Ethnicity issues I always learnt how to keep up with them. My father’s religion in Venezuela was Muslim while my mother religion was catholic, but it was easier living in Italy for my father to adapt to the changes of religion and go above the ethnicity issues.

The Italians also share a set of symbols, values, codes and norms that identify them and ethnically make them to stand out. Some symbols of the symbols are the National flag, the Italian national anthem, the Italian language and other national symbols. They have values and norms that bind them together as a nation. Lastly, the culture of the great the nation is unique and makes it stand out amongst other nations with its diversity. Descent finally brings out the uniqueness to an individual. It helps to concentrate culture, history, symbols, norms, values into a one network with different compatible qualities. Ethnicity is a good practice if people handle it with respect, care and maturity where they do not step on the rights of other people but appreciate them in their right.

Personal Summary of Ethnicity

Ethnicity is important here you share a common culture, values, symbols, codes and norms with people you are closely related. The issue of ethnicity is important for discussion at all forums and should not deter people from moving from one nationality to another state to inter- marry or do other businesses that create understanding and development intercultural. The issue of skin color and language cannot stop the people from having relations across the nations, the best examples is my mother and father who gave birth to me dispute their differences in terms of states.

It is also important for different states to have their history and share it widely but not to use it as a podium for violence like in some African countries where boundaries of nations are causing people to fight. Religion should be used as a symbol of the unit, but not as a symbol of disunity that leads to fights and civil unrest amongst the people because they think they are different.

The academic differences can be resolved; language barriers can be overcome to create rapport and good understanding and eliminate the issue if a language that differentiates people by causing disharmony. Race is not supposed to be a big issue despite the fact that my parents were from different races; I was comfortable and did not take it as a problem. We should also use the common histories that we share to erase the ethnic division and create harmony. Democracy and unity are only achieved with proper understanding of our ethnicity and using that opportunity to provide the best to the people.

To sum up, combinations of all the characteristics that create ethnicity are better to be conceptualized and used by all the individuals to appreciate living in their environments. Today’s world entirely depends on different ethnicities to spur development.

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