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Writing a Response Paper in a Minute

Usually, as you are writing some personal academic paper, you need to ground your observations on a movie, a book, or some article. Once you are done with reading or watching the selected piece, you will have to provide your observations and share your thoughts with the reader. This is why writing a response paper is not the same as writing some other work.

A response paper is the same as a reaction paper. It is not the same as reviewing the book or analyzing a story, a movie, an article, or a poem. Here in your response essay you write about your feelings. This is why you are expected to use first-person pronouns and be more frank and open in your judgments. Of course, you are used to writing third-person academic works, and you may feel uncomfortable every time you use "I" or "we" in your paper. However, you can do it, so there is nothing you should fear.

Share Your Emotions and Responses

A formal introduction and a statement of the book, movie, or article you are going to describe will have to be placed at the beginning of the paper. Once you are done with formal evaluations, you will be able to switch on to the description of your thoughts and feelings. For an outstanding response paper, you will have to do the following.


At the Beginning  

When your outline has been finished, you can throw yourself into writing. Do not forget that your response essay will not be complete without an introduction. In your introduction, you will have to set the stage for the entire essay. You will need to persuade your audience that it is worth reading your paper. In your thesis statement at the end of the introduction, you will need to communicate the main thought or theme of your response essay.

Elaborate Your Thoughts and Opinions

You should use rich language and be eloquent in the analysis of your thoughts and feelings. This is not a good time for being modest. You must do everything you can to express your feelings and make sure that your readers understand your point. Do not limit yourself to clichés. Look at the sample paper, and you will see how sophisticated and creative the writer has been. At the same time, do not forget about the importance of proper spelling and grammar. Your task is to create a response paper that is perfect in all respects.


It does not really matter what article or movie you plan to use for your response paper. You will definitely benefit from using the following phrases.


In other words, a perfect response essay will comprise two things. First, it is an objective analysis of a book, a movie, or an article. Second, it is your subjective response to it. You are always welcome to review a sample response essay online.


Your task is to give your readers a clue as to whether they should watch the movie or read the book. Use evidence to support your decision.

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