The majority of academic papers are devoid of any personal judgments and subjective opinions. Thus, being assigned a reaction paper students often google how to write a response paper to an article or movie, book, etc. Tasks of this type require you to express your personal opinion about a video, book or article. Thus, first-person pronouns (I, my, me) are usually allowed in such papers.

A response/reaction paper is a piece of writing that requires a student to focus on a certain text/video. It might be necessary to show the connections between some works, evaluate the authors’ ideas, or analyze the way the author makes his/her point.

It is often required to compare the ideas and statements made by the authors or speakers with one’s personal life experiences. Students should be sincere and openly share their opinions and feelings. It may seem unusual to the one who got used to the scholarly writing style. Still, you should not be afraid to sound biased – it’s your own reflection!


Share Your Emotions and Responses

A formal introduction and a statement of the book, movie, or article you are going to describe will have to be placed at the beginning of the paper. Once you are done with formal evaluations, you will be able to switch on to the description of your thoughts and feelings. For an outstanding response paper, you will have to do the following.

At the Beginning

When your outline has been finished, you can throw yourself into writing. Do not forget that your response essay will not be complete without an introduction. In your introduction, you will have to set the stage for the entire essay. You will need to persuade your audience that it is worth reading your paper. In your thesis statement at the end of the introduction, you will need to communicate the main thought or theme of your response essay.

Elaborate Your Thoughts and Opinions

You should use rich language and be eloquent in the analysis of your thoughts and feelings. This is not a good time for being modest. You must do everything you can to express your feelings and make sure that your readers understand your point. Do not limit yourself to clichés. Look at the sample paper, and you will see how sophisticated and creative the writer has been. At the same time, do not forget about the importance of proper spelling and grammar. Your task is to create a response paper that is perfect in all respects.


It does not really matter what article or movie you plan to use for your response paper. You will definitely benefit from using the following phrases.

In other words, a perfect response essay will comprise two things. First, it is an objective analysis of a book, a movie, or an article. Second, it is your subjective response to it. You are always welcome to review a sample response essay online.


Your task is to give your readers a clue as to whether they should watch the movie or read the book. Use evidence to support your decision.

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There are many times when the tragedies strike, and if they are given attention by the mass media, the public tends to show compassion to the victims by sending them messages of condolence. However, it is only when a tragedy affects you personally that you realize the magnitude of grief that comes along with it. There is a saying “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, and this kind of unwritten rules led to the fact that most people are expected by the society to cope with the loss of their own. Furthermore, due to the fast pace of our lives, the grieving ones are obliged to get over their sorrow quite quickly. Judging by this fact, there are many people, who live traumatized lives, and find it difficult to deal with their personal losses, which, in turn, has led to increase in the number of people depressed and the ones that need professional assistance and support to deal with their sorrow.

For many people, when somebody you love passes away, it is overwhelming, and this might be even worse, when it is one of your relatives. It was unfortunate that just like many other people I also had to live with the experience of loosing someone close. It was a very sad occurrence, which has all along remained fresh in my mind. The official wedding ceremony was already over and we were having our meals. All over a sudden, there was an explosion from the room, where the tents were pitched. There was a very thick cloud of smoke that was rising from the point of the blast, and it covered the entire area. The fire spread so fast, and within no time, all the four tents were on fire. There were screams, as people choked in the smoke, and others had their clothes catch fire. Everyone was in panic, as people run back and forth in a confused manner. It was not easy to tell whether one was running away from the fire or towards it. In fact, I think this is what made most of the victims get trapped inside the fire. Even though the fire brigade arrived quite fast, they were not able to rescue all of the people, who were stuck inside. I lost thirty relatives during this tragedy, the closest and the dearest of them all was my little niece aged only eleven. That was particularly tragic event for me personally, and at first, it was difficult to overcome the feeling of grief. I could not believe what I was seeing; it was as though I was in a bad dream. Besides the casualties, there was an uncountable loss of valuable assets.

However, the most sorrowful was the loss of my niece, she was an amazing little girl, and she was so young and deserved many more years to live. Aged only eleven, she had developed an extraordinary attachment to me. However, friends and family members were able to comfort each other and this helped to share the grief. Even though it was a greatly difficult experience at some moment, I was able to let it go and came to get my inner peace. However, before that, I had a very hard time accepting what had happened and even sometimes, I thought it would have been better if I was the one who died in the tragedy. Secondly, I felt helpless for not being able to do anything about my state and the emotions I was going through. Moreover, I had the feeling of helplessness, because I was unable to do anything about the grief for the ones I love…

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