Dissertation Chapter

Dissertation writing is an inseparable part of studying at college or university. Actually, it takes your academic progress to an entirely new level. Despite the fact that the process of dissertation writing is tiresome and time-consuming, it will surely pay you off in your future career.

Successfully Written Dissertation

A successfully written dissertation comprises of many aspects each of which is crucial for its own reasons. First of all, a dissertation should provide a fresh perspective on a specific topic, concept or idea. Second, you should introduce your target audience to a brand new way of thinking or an entirely new perspective on the theme of your choice.


All in all, your results and discussion chapter is where you address new perspectives and ways of thinking and introduce a new scope for the research. It is important to pinpoint how your research can be developed in the future and what impact it may have on the potential research within the same or adjacent topic.

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You should devote sufficient time and a great deal of dedication and effort to writing your results and discussion section. You should pay careful consideration to the structure and organization of paragraphs, and make sure that the ideas are developed consistently and smoothly. What you should check first and foremost is the correspondence of the discussion to your research hypothesis. It should be the central point where the whole discussion is linked to. The results you attain and present at the end of your discussion should ideally correspond to the aims presented at the beginning of the paper. In case there are any deviations or discrepancies, make sure to explain each of them and provide argumentation for the reasons why. All the results you have gained should be clear to your target audience. Further, in the very discussion section, you have freedom to express your points on the topic. With the help of some findings extracted from the literature review, you can properly back up the topic of your research. Remember that your study results should be validated. When you properly discuss the results section, you can lay solid foundation for the further research conducted on the basis of study.

The potential options for future studies should be clearly identified. Besides, your findings in this chapter should serve as a solid proof for it. You have to ensure that you have covered every aspect of the topic clearly and that you present everything from the clearest perspective. If you are keen on research, you might even derive a great deal of interest and satisfaction from experimenting with the research and reviewing literature needed for the study. Still, if you face some technical or formatting challenges, you can seek help from professional services.

Finally, ensure that your results and discussion section findings can be implemented into practice and have some impact on your target audience. The research should be thought provoking and should open new perspectives to the future studies. Remember that whenever you have some difficulties writing and organizing your thoughts and findings, feel free to seek help from reputable writing service.

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Discussion Chapter Writing Tips

One of the most important sections in every paper is the Discussion part. In this chapter, you need to do the following:

  1. To demonstrate your critical thinking ability, to find effective issue solutions, base all your solutions on logical synthesis of your findings as well as form a deep comprehension of the discussed research issue.
  2. Prove the important of your research work, pay attention to any implication in other study areas as well as investigate improvements that can help to further research the issue presented in your paper.
  3. Emphasize on the importance of the conducted study and prove that it can become a contribution to science and selected subject. In addition, you need to prove that your research is willing to fill the gap in the existing field. In this section, you need to state how exactly the findings ca help to fill in the gap in the existing literature; you can also mention what aspects have not been learnt earlier.
  4. Make sure the reader will use critical thinking when it concerns the aspects of evidence-based interpretation.

What to Avoid?

  • It is recommended to avoid restating the obtained results. When there is a need to remind your readers about the discussed findings, it is better to use so called “bridge sentences,” which can relate interpretation to the results and findings. For example, “When determining a proper housing to single mothers, the findings prove that it is important to access good schools,” then you can continue with explanation the findings as well as implications.
  • In discussion or conclusion sections of your paper, you can provide recommendations for future research work. There is no need to duplicate your recommendations in both mentioned sections. Try to focus on general narrative flow of your work. It will help you to decide where recommendations should be placed. In case your research findings provoke a lot of questions or potential issues, you may provide suggestions for future research work in the discussion chapter/section.
  • Avoid introducing any new results in the discussion chapter. Be careful with making a mistake with reiteration of a particular finding since you may confuse the reader and he/she will not be willing to properly perceive the content. Findings description and significance interpretation should be in certain sections of the paper. Findings go to Results and significance is presented in discussion. In case you decide to unite the discussion and results sections, remain clear on the ways of reporting the information discovered and pay close attention on how you are going to interpret the findings. It is not really recommended to apply such an approach if you are not experienced in writing college level papers.
  • It is acceptable to use of the first person. It can help to out an emphasis on a viewpoint or show a contrast between the findings. However, you need to be careful with personal pronouns and try not to overuse them.
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