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Custom Abortion and Issues of Ethics essay paper

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Excellent Abortion and Issues of Ethics essay writing service: professional academic help

Whenever the term “abortion” is mentioned, the issues of ethics arise. People tend to argue about this matter, with some criticizing the act while others support it. So this disputable question often provokes a debate. Different people and institutions such as health workers, lawyers and civil societies as a whole disagree on matters pertaining to abortion. Those against it will always question its moral appropriateness. This essay seeks to find some of the reasons why abortion can be justified to a certain extent. It raises questions about the moral worthiness of abortion, particularly amongst university ladies. Its argument is anchored on utilitarianism – an ethical theory which falls under consequentialism.

An abortion can be either a voluntary or involuntary termination of pregnancy. In this discussion the focus is on the voluntary type of abortion which is much more common amongst university ladies and, therefore, the big question is: should female students procure abortion under any circumstances? This question may be answered in different ways by scholars, so future research in the area is necessary.

Utilitarianism as a moral theory determines moral worthiness on the basis of consequences of an action. The key idea should be to produce the largest balance of goodness placed against evil, when every person is considered (Melden 15).

Several university ladies procuring an abortion have ended up dying or succumbing to serious injuries. An abortion often resulted in uterus damage leading to infertility. Other women have survived the ordeal with little negative effect. If the abortion process is successful, it can be said to have resolved some of the problems and challenges associated with child rearing, for example, financial constraints that the lady may undergo while bringing up this unplanned child. Successful abortion can also help save the family from inevitable shame when people may describe a daughter of such a family as immoral due to teenage pregnancy. This also means that the girl can undertake her studies with no much stigmatization from fellow students who might see her as a mother or a woman supposed to be at home with her kid. This kind of isolation may lead to poor performance or school dropout. Sometimes young female students are morally unprepared to become mothers and that is why they take a decision to abort.

In weighing the balance of good and evil, the option of abortion is in favor of the majority who would prefer to live a life with no external disturbances. Majority would prefer the circumstances that do not require any strains to be sympathetic. When the lady or woman voluntarily aborts, she will always suffer from a guilty conscience which might disturb her for the rest of her life. There is also a category of people who may feel abortion is right but will never have it (Shafer-Landau 18).

To sum it up, the idea of abortion can be perceived as upright, as far as university ladies are considered justifiable. All the credit is to the utilitarianism because in every situation the woman has certain motives which dictate her actions.

Excellent Abortion and Issues of Ethics essay writing service: professional academic help

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