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Custom Does Family Need to Share a Surname essay paper

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I strongly agree that family needs to share a surname. Even though some scholars have argued otherwise, there are a number of reasons that point to the need for a family to share a surname. MacDougall identifies the various ways in which children can be affected when their parents have different surnames (MacDougall 265). He notes that the children can end up not adopting any name from the parents because of confusion that makes them lose name ties with the extended family members. It can also lead to the children adopting both the parents’ names as their surnames, and hence ending up with very long names. Because of lack of a family name, the children may also not be identified by some of their distant relatives who could be of help in times of need. Finally, this trend of lacking a surname may make it difficult for the future generation to know their lineage.

Strong also notes that in cases of sudden events such as death of both parents, the children may find it difficult to prove that they are the true children of the deceased (Strong et al. 23). Moreover, this may make it difficult for them especially if they have some benefits to claim. The lack of a family name may also lead to divisions in the family between some children adopting the name of a particular parent and the children from the other parent. Thus, the children may be identified only with the parent and the siblings with whom they share surnames.

Since the children may lack a family name alongside their own names, they may miss some opportunities that require their parents as their guarantors. For instance, when one seeks a permission to travel to another country using the parent’s passports, he or she could be denied because the names are not related. Finally, the children may find themselves in odd situation among their peers if they cannot tell their family names. Strong et al. (23) argue that the major counterargument raised against the practice is based on gender equality which can be provided for through other means. It is therefore necessary for a family to share a surname.

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