A Promise is a Cloud

This exhibition dwells on the idea of changing their meaning. It derives its title from a proverb “a promise is a cloud’, focusing on the idea of developing in its artworks and architecture in the MetroTech Center. The artworks have brought up a way to accommodate a transformation in either a form or a visual language. This exhibition is part of a program that is created by the Public Art Fund. Public Art Fund is an organization which is supported by donations from different people and corporations.

This art fund is the leading presenter of projects and exhibitions done by artists in New York. It has worked with existing artists, assisting them in producing significant exhibitions of art in the entire parts of New York. The Public Art Fund offers a platform for the public to encounter with the current works of art by displaying artworks in museums and public galleries.

Ohad Meromi’s work considers sculptures as a phase and focuses on the relationship that exists between forms of architecture and the agency. With the installation, Meromi asked some individuals of the public to bring elements related to this artwork on two particular occasions, where he expanded his thoughts of the sculpture, with new possibilities. Stepanova is the title of the work, which is a reference to the avant-garde artist from Russia, a type of artwork that involved theatre set designs.

Popova is a piece related Stepanova created by Meromi. Ohad Meromi’s practices consist of sculptures and various architectural interventions as well as performances. In his work, he viewed the idea of performing on stage as a space that is open-ended for producing knowledge.

Adam Pendeleton works are inspired by a performance in the 1960’s in Central Park by a poet known as Hannah Weiner which consisted of flags and her poetry, featuring many flags and the Myrtle Promenade axis. These flags have a traditional function as an authoritative symbol. Each of these flags represents a unique design from Pendleton’s Black Dada language.

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries developed a web-based animation using the Monaco type and jazz music. The Struggle Continues was launched in 2007, in a new version to create response to the invitation of the exhibition. In the unfolding of the narrative, a significant dialogue crops up concerning class and equality, showing struggles for love as well as sex.

Sculpture for Snow created by Erin Shirreff considers the lost content in the two and three forms of dimension. Expansion on a past video, which involves several sculptures by Tony Smith, shows the new work transforming the maquette of the film into a sculpture with a normal size. It extends the artist’s existing investigation on the relationship between images and objects. The dimension of the sculpture transforms the viewer’s perspective.

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