"Conflict and Resistance" 

Video “Conflict and Resistance” demonstrates how the artwork influences people’s thinking. The artists mentioned in the video were described as people who left behind all stereotypes and prejudices. The people of art were creative and extraordinary enough to demonstrate new ideas and moral rules to the society. The artists skillfully gave people opportunities to change their thinking and common lifestyle. They were not standing at the tribunes in order to declare their view and preferences. Instead of it, they showed their opposition through their paintings. The paintings, which were in the center of public attention, transformed the thinking of the mass by representing a telling criticism of current political and social situations. Through the numerous images, artists expressed their discontent in order average citizen could notice true actions of the politicians. The artist showed their resistance by cultural and ideological innovations.

I think that the activity of Ai WeiWei has political background. Its aim is to improve the current situation in the country. This artist managed to transform his activism into a piece of art. It is extremely difficult to find people who are brave enough to resist official political power. Main feature of Ai WeiWei’s activity is that he is a representative of an average citizen who is afraid to manifest dissatisfaction. He is an abolishment of Chinese who disagree with the policy of the government. For example, Ai WeiWei was the first person who headed the social movement to find out the names of the children who died because the buildings erected by the state funds were not able to resist the earthquake. After achieving this challenge, Ai WeiWei gathered the bags of the disaster victims to make a work of art, which demonstrated that such accidents must not be withheld. I am convinced that the Chinese should be proud of having such a courageous and creative compatriot.

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