Blood Tea and Red String

“Blood Tea and Red String” is a dialogue-free stop-motion and animated film directed and produced by Christiane Cegavske in 2006. All characters are hushed animated puppets with an exception of one minor. Described by the director as “Stop-motion fairy tale for adults”, the animated film features a sequence of struggles between the rustic creatures and aristocratic white mice that dwell beneath the Oak above the doll belonging to their heart’s desires.

The film opens with the Oak Dwellers being commissioned by the White Mice to fashion a good-looking doll for them.  When the doll is pretty well done, the Creatures are smitten with it and in the process refuse to hand her over to the aristocratic White Mice. Having learnt of the waywardness, the Mice then resort to steal the puppet from the Creatures in the dead of the night.  As the Creatures embark on a journey through the numinous land to search for their lost love, they see dazzling sceneries and come across fantastical creatures: a spider with a human expression and frog sorcerer for the first time ever. At the end of the film, the Mice resort to debauchery after drinking a blood tea.

Although many would say that “Blood Tea and Red Strings” is really moving and entertaining, I find the animated stop-motion film weird throughout.   Chritistiane Cegavske use of haunting creatures such as the white mice, frog sorcerer, red-eyed rodents and a spider with the human face are really terrifying. To make matters worse, her vision of a vermin torturing a naked bound woman, some creatures threatening to cut her breasts with massive pair of scissors, and last one stitch between her legs with a red string is ghastly horror. Nevertheless, the fairy tale is easy to follow thanks to an elaborate outline and sequence of motions.

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