Brief Summary For American Horror Story

American Horror Story, an anthology series co-created by Ryan Murphy enjoys wide viewership across the United States and beyond. Its first episode was aired back in October 2011 and since then; it has enjoyed widespread and loyal viewership across the nation. The genre of this anthology series is horror. Its plot revolves around characters that are faced with various trying and terrifying situations. In its first season, the series was about a family that had moved into a house that was under the control of ghosts, a haunted house. In the second season, the stage was moved to a hospital where the victims were doctors and other members of staff caring for the mentally ill. This second season was famously dubbed “American Horror Story: Asylum” So far, two seasons of this largely successful anthology series have been released. Even then, plans are underway to release the third season of this captivating series.

The third season is expected to come with a number of changes according to the series’ co-creator Ryan Murphy. This will be called “American Horror Story: Coven.” Apart from the previous common faces in the previous seasons such as Jessica Lange and Lily Rabe, a new cast member in the name of Kathy Bates, the famous Academy Award winner will feature. For the first time since its inception, the production crew will go all out and shoot part of the series in New Orleans as opposed to the traditional filming location that has been the order of the day. In addition, unlike its predecessor, American Horror Story: Coven will be set in the present.

The creators of the series have been quoted stating that season three will be worth the viewers’ money and time, far much superior compared to the two earlier releases. With its release date scheduled for some time later in the year, the numerous fans that have developed an insatiable habit of watching the series are waiting with bated breath. The secret recipe of this already widely anticipated and talked about season will be the judge of the hype associated with it.

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