Challenges Faced by Civil Engineering Workers

The society would not be complete without civil engineering. Considering the important task that the career accomplishes, it puts a good appearance of cities, towns and the country at large. Infrastructures are developed by the civil engineers and their maintenance requires the consent of civil engineers. An integrated approach should be developed to protect the noble labor of engineers and reduce the loss of destruction of infrastructure (, 2011).

The communication system is becoming part of daily life in all conditions, these systems are subject to vandalism and they can as well get spoiled due overload system in the cities where business are run every time. Attempts to spoil the infrastructure will threaten the daily business.

The problems facing infrastructure and other civil engineering tasks is the destruction of such amenities, and their maintenance in every country the potential cost of rebuilding the infrastructure, after they have been brought down is at alarming rate, and the only way to avoid this is laying proper strategies towards maintaining the already built infrastructure. This report aims at mentioning the problems faced by civil engineer and to propose possible solutions to the problems.

Age is a factor in everything, considering that the available infrastructure were put into place so long time ago, they are subjected to daily wear and tear. They get warned out and require that maintaining them and restore them into usable condition. The situation is at bad conditions in urban centers where accidents terrorists all threaten the safety and security. The needs of infrastructure are problematic all over the world and the need to provide these services at the challenging environments full of threats becomes a hard task to engineers every day.

Problems facing the civil engineers

The  problems civil engineers face range from the maintenance cost ,threats to destruction and warning of the available in all part of the world .the overloaded system of communication, telecommunication structures and surveillance TVs among other amenities are overloaded and the threats from possible accidents that can destroy the available infrastructure. The possible problem of infrastructure that the state likely to strain much of its resources on the maintenance on the infrastructure.

Reduced business activities will affect the entire economy. There is reduced labor in the economy, and subsequent reduction of production with little earnings which reduce the economical levels.

Breakdown in communication has led to inconveniences in companies and lead to their subsequent reduction in the output in the production sector. All these factors will lead to the governments strain trying to balance the need of the population importing the deficit of the required products.

Some documents on the plan and architectural documents of burred structures and wire are nowhere to be traced; this deals a blow to the engineers in case repairs are to be made. Sabotage can be detected but the accuracy of the solution be implemented cannot be ascertained with much ease.

Maintenance of infrastructure

The major issue in maintaining infrastructure includes transport. Roads and streets and highways are the core requirements, the maintenance require that an integrated system that puts into mind when maintaining the infrastructure.

Similar integrated system involving the urban population energy water and wastes in the neighborhood systems could be considered in the when maintaining the infrastructure. This can help when they are considered in new places that are being developed.

Providing environmentally friendly buildings and energy efficient both foe households and business can reduce chances of destruction.


The need to maintain infrastructure is an important issue to the development of the economy and it growth altogether, however the requirement for this include that research beyond the civil engineers will helps given that infrastructure is part of daily life of all sectors in the economy.

Policies that favor the infrastructural development can help. Communication the need to protect the infrastructure is an important factor. When structures are maintained in good order increased product output will be realized and there will be an increase economic growth (Slone, 2011).

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