Concert Attendance Report

Concert: Spring Choral Concert

Type of concert: Chamber Music

General reaction: When I first entered the concert hall, one thing that immediately caught my attention was the sheer beauty of the colossus concert hall with its seemingly skilfully crafted sound proof linings and the massive stage set ready to receive various presentations. One of the finest hall at the University, it was fully packed and everyone seemed eager for one performance after another. The allure of the orchestra perfectly matched the beauty of the melodies streaming from the stage.

Composition I liked best: Most of the compositions at the concert were superb pieces evidently done by widely acclaimed artists. As each choral ensemble took to the stage, one could not miss the well knitted chords. The University Chamber Singers were particularly impressive under the leadership the group’s conductor Jo Ann Miller. The group performed with enviable grace and kept the audience yearning for more with every single performance. The aria perfectly matched merged into the chorus giving rise to one big synchrony of sweet melodies as the audience cheered wildly in a unanimous gesture of approval, some even joining in the song which appeared all too familiar to most people who attended the concert. The song was an old piece initially done by Trisha Yearwood. Entitled ‘she is in love with the boy’, the song is a country love song that explores the mystery of love. As the song begins, Trisha Yearwood introduces what appears to be a blossoming love affair between two young people, a young girl and a young boy. The two lovers are evidently in love. However neither of them, owing to their tender age can recognise that, or even recognize what love actually is. To match the main message of the song which is romance, Trisha Yearwood adopts a suiting tempo that easily creates excitement in the audience. The same tempo is adopted by the chamber singers who make it even livelier. The meter also varies tremendously with occasional pauses that only help to get the audience on board. Trisha introduces her characters at the beginning of the song and this marks the beginning of a long love story between the two, the young girl and the boy. The somehow fast tempo of the song sufficiently captures the theme of the song as it stirs emotions, an important component of romantic involvement.

Most importantly, the setting of the song which is in the serene country side near a farm house correctly captures the mood of the song. That of love brewed in the village. This theme is further captured in the soloist’s voice and his telling tonal variation. This is suiting because the soloist does the better part of the music. The song reflects the young lovers’ desire to marry each other and live together one day in the future. However, at the moment, they both appear helpless as their tender age prevents them from getting engaged with each other romantically. The two lovers appear committed to remain available for each other under all circumstances.

Perfomance of this work: The perfomance was exellent, almost as if Trisha Yearwood herself had done it over again. Throuh the music, the group creats vivid pictures of the events in the song that eremain clear in the minds of the audiece long after the song is over.

Overall Perfomance: The overall perfomance was nothing but perfect.

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