"Contact" is a very high quality science fiction film about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It starts in quite a standard way and continues to be quite predictable up to the middle, but then rapid, unexpected events start to happen, so that you can not go away from the screen.

The movie is amazing, it neatly combines fantasy and real life. The strength of scientific arguments faces the unwavering faith in God and a higher power. How to prove that the contact took place? How to prove that God exists? Maybe science just needs to believe in it and not look for evidence? It is a test for the main character.

The movie "Contact" is a kind of cocktail of science fiction and drama. Young, pretty, smart, but, of course, single woman of science for many years explores the outer space and sends signals to distant worlds. Once she receives the code from space. The whole world plunges into a state of waiting for something global. According to the drawings specified in the encryption, space people built facility to flight one person on the Vega, strict commission have to select someone who would be able to adequately represent the planet to the aliens. And in the end we see an amazing scene of daughter communicating with the appearance of her father and the senators investigating her appearance.

Even when the director keeps us far from exploring episodes of messages from another planet, he manages to show us the faith and the human being through simple dialogue between the main characters. And for astronomer Dr. Ellieis it the big mystery, because she is a scientist, and she believes the facts that have no evidence and no truth.

It is a great movie that excites the minds of many people around the world. The film was shot by the great director, the great actors played the main roles. And we can only wait and stare at the sky, as the main character at the end of the film did.

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