Directing Fences

Having been in the movie production industry, I believe am the best person to work with you for the production of the play “Fences” by August Wilson. First of all, I like the play as it explores the real life issues faced by the African Americans. The play also explores the race relations among different people among other themes. For one to be a quality producer, he or she should have a passion for his work, and I believe I have a passion for my work. Secondly, I am creative, as one to be a producer; they should have creative minds so as to entertain people.  I will manage rehearsals for the play, the technicians, actors, costume fittings and props. I know how to choose the best actors for the play, as well as liaising with the director and house staff.

As a producer, I will make sure that all wig and costume fittings are suitable and distribute information to all theatre departments. I will also ensure that there are appropriate changes between the scenes through cueing technicians and prompting actors. A good producer ensures that the onstage and backstage areas are operating well during the performances, and I believe I will do exactly that. In terms of the targeted audience, I will target the black Americans as the play mostly deals with racism and they are one of the most affected races. There are also many youth who are attracted to youth hence I will also target them. In terms of advertising, the use of the Internet will be appropriate, as well the print media. The budget for the production will not be that high. Hiring actors will cost about $ 10,000; buying costumes will cost about $ 5000 while other miscellaneous expenses will be about $ 5000. From these projections, I believe I am the best producer to work on this play.

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