Doryphoros is a magnificent sculpture dating back to the 1st century. It’s actually a Roman copy of the original Greek bronze sculpture created in 450 BCE, representing an athlete. Doryphoros balanced figure, idealized  proportions gives it an artistic impression. This artwork shows the perfectly harmonious balanced proportions of the human body with the sculptured and a solid built athlete with the muscular features, carrying a spear balanced on his left shoulder. The sculpture stands on most of his weight  on one foot so that the shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs thus giving the figure a more dynamic and relaxed appearance.

This figurative work depicts the young athletic men with divine sense and the extremely important sculptural development of the human body expressed in a psychological disposition . The balanced harmonious pose suggests a calm and relaxed state of mind and  an evenness of temperament .

The Greek cannon’s influence on the statue of Michael Jordan was that this particular statue is life-sized. The size appearance is significant  for the monumental sense which the iron age Greeks so far expressed only in their architecture and pottery.

This is justifiable in that the Michael Jordan statue sits on a 5 ft. high black granite base inscribed with Mr. Jordan’s basketball achievements and the words , ‘ The best ever ’. The statue itself measures 12ft. tall ( 17 ft. from top to bottom) and weighs 2,000 pounds. The statue was cast in bronze using lost wax method of the art casting of Illinois. The finished work depicts Jordan soaring over an abstract entanglement of opponents , preparing to unleash one of his signature dunks. The airborne Jordan is attached to the base as just one-point the knee.

This statue can be of great impact and importance to the youth as it reflects that a hero’s  legacy lives on even long after they retire or cease to exist.  This therefore encourages them (the young) to emulate the said hero by determinedly working hard to achieve such like goals.

The discovery revealed by cannon states that the trunk measurements as a proportion of  total height remains constant with age. The proportions of  the human body however in a statue or painting therefore represents a different effect on the mind. Both the Ideal and Canon of proportion are unusual concepts but they are important ones for a figurative artist to understand. An ideal figure is a theoretical person whose proportions ‘ sets out the rule that define the ‘ideal’.  Lately, people come in all shapes and sizes and none of the rules In any canon is absolute, in real sense, even an accurate canon probably does not apply completely and as perfectly to even a style of a real person but the proportions  of the majority of the people fall within a fairly narrow range, so these two concepts work really well as a set of guidelines to help everyone to place and size the various parts of the body so that they look correct and well coordinated.

The canon though was previously  regarded highly but is not the current case lately as it has been the subject of the ever increasing contentions through the latter half of the 20th century.

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