Dramas Review

The first film tells about the phone tag. The main character here is the young man with specific desires. He keeps on sending voice messages to the young girl.. The young man’s desire becomes obvious when he wants to meet the woman but does not have a chance. Every time he calls her, girl’s phone is switched off. As a result, he decides to leave a voice message. However, the voice messages bother the recipient because every moment she receives them we can observe how her facial expression changes. These messages weary the girl. The resolution to the desire is achieved when the young man decides to go to the girl’s house to deliver the message without using the phone.

The next film is On love corner where the characters’ desire is to make people to fall in love. The main hero feels rapture when he raises a command and his wish comes true. Because of this, people down at the “love corner” respond positively. There is a moment in the film when the characters desire bears totally a negative outcome. He commands people to fall in love but instead of this one person stubs the other one to the death. Finally, the hero has been wishing people success so that they can fall in love or live a good life.

In the Sweetnight goodheart film a special desire is shown by the main character. At the beginning, we see him talking to himself about  ending a relationship. Then later when talking to his partner he shows obvious signs of not loving his (ex-)girl-friend. His desire is to part with her but to leave a good relationship. At the end of the film he changed his mind and decided to stay with his love that resulted in conflict.

We have also seen in the film Validation where the main character has a great desire of seeing and making people smile. To achieve this, he did appreciate everyone in his society. During the period of his career, she meets a woman who never smiles despite his efforts to persuade her. The hero gets so disillusioned that stopped smiling. As a result, he resigned from his job. In order to solve this problem, he addresses to people in his society who appreciates his work and gives him some advice about the woman who had made him feels frustrated.

The hero of the next film does not understand why he is in the state of confusion in certain moments. He feels isolated as no one appreciates him as well as helps him. The character reaches the limit where he wishes to die but he only wakes up and sees that it was actually a dream.

Lisa, the main character of the next short film, talks what is in her heart and how she feels about people. One of them is her mum. Her greatest desire is try to and change people’s perception. Moreover, we see her wishing to change the character of her mother as is evident when we see her convincing mom to do things that she never used to do. One of them is doing house chaos.

The characters in the film Superpowers show desire for power so that they can do their work easily. The character dressed like a superman, a symbol of power. In the film, he enters a shop where he is threatened to be killed by a gunman. Then, all over a sudden, he grabs the gun and shot him to death. The hero did not know whether he had the power to do extraordinary things.

In the next film, the main character wants to pass a message to people. One of the character’s desires is to pass the knowledge he had about these creatures. The greatest desire of other characters is to learn about these creatures by asking questions. The resolution to all these desires is that both characters achieve what they anticipated, namely transfer of knowledge about some funny creatures and learning about them.

As we can see from the films, the main character has a desire that drives them in finding ways to make sure they fulfill their desires. The film ends when the character finds a resolution to the conflicting issues in the process of fulfilling their desires.

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