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The article “Education’s Hungry Heart” by Mark Edmundson talks about the necessity of college education nowadays. The author proves his idea that college education is essential even for those people who might not need it in the future if they work as drivers or mechanics, for example. Mark Edmundson considers different arguments of those people opposing college education for the future blue-collar workers, the main one being the expensiveness of it. The opponents of college education claim that the investment of few thousand dollars is not worth it, moreover – it is a waste. Nevertheless, the author of the article considers college education to be important to those students who come to college with the “hungry hearts”.

I support the author’s idea. I think that education is not only about getting knowledge in some specific field of study. It is even more about developing your brain, expanding your horizons, and opening your mind to the new. If you come to college with a hungry heart, ready to absorb the knowledge and learn to make connections between the theory and real life, then definitely college education is needed and is, in fact, useful.

What you end up doing in life should not influence a lot your choice of education. If you come to college to go through it day by day basically dragging yourself through studies and dreaming about its coming to an end, then investing in such studies is really a waste of money. But if you have passion for knowledge and interest in life, then, for sure, these years will not be wasted. You will get the most out of them: “The best students and the ones who get the most out of their educations are the ones who come to school with the most energy to learn”. It is interesting that your enthusiasm for studies will be catchy even for those who were not interested in the first place.

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You do not have to be very smart academically, grasp things momentarily, or write brilliantly. In fact, the best students are not the most cultured ones. The most precious prerequisite for learning is your open mind, curiosity, and hunger for knowledge, because if you have these qualities, you will learn everything you need to know quite fast. What Mark Edmundson says is amazing but true: “What’s way harder to teach – maybe it’s impossible – is the love for learning and the openness to experience that these students bring to the seminar table”.

It is probably the dream of every parent to bring up a child with open mind and hungry heart, a person who will study because he wants to, not because he has to – for his future profession, to make more money, to achieve this or that. This is not the main thing in life. The main thing is to take from life what it has to offer, to live it to the full. So, to bring up such a child, you need to give him freedom to explore, to try, and to fail sometimes. Failure is also important, and children should not be protected from that. Then, when a child grows up, he will be ready for the new and open to get the knowledge to satisfy his hungry heart.

So, as we see, college education is important, but probably not for everybody. There are millions of people on earth, thousands of character types. People are smart, lazy, persevering, or enthusiastic. One cannot state bluntly, “College education is needed” or “College education is not necessary”. First of all, it depends on the person and his character, his goals in life and his hunger for learning.

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Coming to college with a hungry heart opens a lot of perspectives. It does not matter whether you will be a teacher or a taxi driver in the future. What matters is your outlook on life and your desire to take the most from it. You do not have to be the smartest person academically, because all these academic things are easy to be taught. Your natural curiosity and hunger for knowledge are the most important aspects. Developing natural curiosity in a child is one of the most important tasks of any parent who wants his child to be successful in life, not only to achieve success in business, but also in relationships with others.

Do you have a hungry heart? Do you feel the college education is not a waste but an investment for you? You should make it clear for yourself, first of all, to make decisions that might influence your whole life.

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