Film Comparison and Contrast

Trying to depict their ideas, movie makers and producers use different techniques. Many movies have the same theme but the different styles and techniques are used bringing out the theme of the movie. These styles differ from one production house to another one. Many of the styles, however, are the cinematic means of representation. These means include lighting, editing, sound, mise en scene, montage, and many more. These stylistic devices are the reason behind the differences in any movies. We shall have to look at how these stylistic devices are used to bring out the themes in movies. In doing so, we shall have to use look at the two movies: Some Like It Hot and the Battleship of Potemkin.

Some Like It Hot is an American movie firstly screened in 1959.The movie is about two musicians Joe and Jerry. The two musicians happen to witness the massacre on Saint Valentine’s Day in the year of 1929. The two musicians flee to Chicago after being noticed by a group of gangsters led by Colombo (George raft). Two musicians fled the city of Chicago to save their lives from gangsters. They ended up getting a job but had to disguise themselves, firstly. They changed their names to Josephine and Geraldine. They board a train to Florida with the female musical band. While in Florida, the two seduced a character nicknamed ”Sugar Kane”, while pretending that they are the women. Joe also disguises himself as a rich boy called Junior. Joe also copies the other character’s voice. Real Junior finally falls in love with Joe in his disguise.

After a period of time, real Junior asks Joe to go for a night out, and Joe convinces Jerry to go out with real Junior as he goes out with Sugar. That night real Junior makes a proposal to Jerry. In the excitement, Jerry accepts the belief that he could be rich if they get married. Suddenly, Colombo arrives with his crew. Sugar, Joe, Jerry, and Junior escape to Junior’s yacht. They ran away because Colombo noticed Joe and Jerry. On the way to the yacht, Joe tells Sugar of his true identity. Joe also tells her about his love towards her. Sugar tells him that she is in love with him regardless of this situation. Jerry, however, refuses to marry Junior citing that he can’t marry in his mother’s dress. He confesses with tears that he cannot have children.

In this movie, a lot of cinematic techniques have been used. Some will be discussed in this essay. However, the most common ones include sound tracks, lighting camera shots, and the entire editing of the movie. The movie uses these tools to bring out the gender and sexual differences.

The movie the Battleship Potemkin isa film of an actual event that happened in 1905 in Russia. It is about the Russian battleship. The film is about the propaganda of the cut and dry revolution. The film has five episodes, namely: men and the maggot, the drama on the deck, a dead man is calling for justice, Odessa stair case, and rendezvous. The film was initially written to test the theories of montage. The filmmakers were experimenting on the editing techniques, especially their effects on the audience. The film directors edited the movie to produce the emotional effect to the audience. Editors used audio and video editing techniques to create the emotions to viewers. The editor also used the techniques to show the gender differences in the movie. The audience is able to sympathize with the women, especially in the last episode. The viewers are able to sympathize with a young boy towards his mother who tries to rescue her baby falling by the staircase as all people are trying to run away. The baby falls from the stair case. The director uses some dramatic effects in the development of the story and while bringing the gender differences. The director also uses lighting effects to bring out the gender differences. The editor used a set of lighting techniques to bring out the emotional effects to the audience.

In showing the gender differences, the movie uses different shots to emphasize the intensity of the events. The movies incorporated both close shots and extremely close shots to show us the events which pulled the emotions of the audience.

The soundtrack during the movie pulls one and creates the suspense for the other one to continue watching the movie. In trying to understand these cinematic techniques, we have to analyze them as used in the two movies above. These techniques have been used but they have also assisted in the comparison and contrast of the movie.

In lighting, for instance, there are many ways that can be used to bring out the effect desired for the production of the movie. The lighting techniques include: the fill lighting, whereby shadows are reduced. This effect has been largely used in the movie Some Like It Hot. This effect also illuminates the areas, which are not covered by the key lighting. One also uses the background lighting to enhance the screen shots in the background. This will help the background scenes to be perfectly screened. The stage lighting is also essential for the production of still shots. Lighting techniques can also take the following styles: cameo lighting, mood lighting (to bring out the mood of the scenes), key lighting, high-key lighting, flood lighting, and the lace flare.

In order to achieve the desired lighting techniques, the directors and movie producers must come up with compatible video lights. These video lights include: redhead, the Fresnel light that helps controlling the spill in lighting, and the deadlight preferred by many producers for the efficient light output. The lighting directors may in some time combine these sets of video lighting techniques. In any cinema or movie shot, the effect of lighting can transform the meaning of the shot to a great extent.

Sound, on the other hand, is used to enhance the presentation of movies and plays sometimes. In the movie the Battleship Potemkin, thesound techniques have played a major role in depicting the theme of gender and sexual differences. Similarly, in the movie Some Like It Hot, sound has helped in the development of the plot and showing gender differences. Sound techniques are classified as the diegetic and non-diegetic sound effects. Both of these techniques have been greatly used in these two movies. A diegetic sound effect is the one where characters as well as spectators can hear the sound. The effect of the sound may be real in the concept of the movie as both the actors and the audience can hear this sound. The diegetic sounds include those made by the characters, the sounds produced by the objects in the movie, the basic sounds like shooting a car, and the music, e.g., from a club in the movie.

Non-diegetic sounds are the sounds made in the movies but that do not come from the movie itself. The sound is not taken from the definite source. These are the sounds like those ones commonly heard in the movies as they are derived from God. The narrators’ sound also falls under this category. These non-diegetic sounds help building up the mood of the atmosphere and try to put the audience into an anxiety. This makes the viewers enjoy and follow the movie. The diegetic sounds are used interchangeably from the one effect to the other one. In the movies, sound effects are recorded and used to make the specific storytelling or the distinct point without the use of dialogue or music. The segregations between the recordings of music, dialogue, and sound effects can be quite distinct.

The shots in the movie production can also be used to create a difference in the production of the movie. There are different features of the shots used in the movie production. Shots always differ from one another due to the distance between a camera man and the objects or the characters. There are few shots usually used in the movie making and the production. These shots include: the extreme close up, the close up, the medium close up, the medium long shot, the long shot, and the extreme long shot.

Close up and extreme close up shots are taken in such a way that the subject analyzed takes the whole space in the camera. These shots are used to emphasize the character being filmed. The character normally is conveying an important message in the shot. This can be also emphasized by the costume, action, or gesture used. The shot can also be used to insist on the location of the character or just the general location in the context. The shots are also used to bring out clearly an image, usually the image of the main character.

The close up images and shots can also be used to emphasize the specific parts in objects. In the case of a person, it may be used to emphasize the face, hand, leg, mouth, or any other important parts required by the story. An example may be in the case, where a character is going to slap the other character, then the close up may be used at hand. The close up shots may also be used to show that an object or a character may have a big part to play in the coming scenes. Like in the movie Some Like It Hot, the effect is used in the scene at the wedding and on the yacht. There are many times, when the close ups appear in the scenes; they  help the viewers and the general audience to understand how the narration of the film is going on.

Medium close up shots, on the other hand, are used to make the engaging shots, especially in the romantic scenes. The shots usually cover the face and might sometimes cover to the character to the waist. They are normally used to take such scenes when the characters come along together.

Medium shots are the shots taken that show the background of the characters. They usually show the surrounding of objects. In this case when an object is a person, the shot can show the parts of the body to the knees. Medium close up can be taken once, twice or even three times. They are the most common shots in the movies as they usually make the movie seen as if it is in the real life situation. The medium shots have been used in these two films many times. This can be clearly seen from the nature used.

Medium shots are a type of shots that show the objects or the characters from the waist hips up or down. The camera distance is usually located far from the character or object that has to be filmed. The surrounding is seen clearly and can be related to the story. This helps considering the story and the plot of the movie or the film.

Nearly the half of the camera frame is usually occupied by the object or the character. The characters can be observed from different dimensions and from the background, the middle ground, and the foreground. This dimension helps bringing out the meaning of the movie. The shot can be sometimes interchanged with the medium or long shots to bring the meaning clearly.

Long shots are used to show the characters in the full length; these are the shots used to show the entire background and the surrounding. Another cinematic technique for the shots applied is extreme long shots. These shots emphasize more the surrounding of objects. The distance of the camera man and the object or the character plays a significant role in the production of any movie. The closer the distance is the closer the one emphasizes the object or the character. The camera location can also be combined to give the desired effect of the shot. The camera can give the direction of the character’s view. For example, if the camera is placed at the panoramic angle, the character may be round. If  the camera is placed at the low angle, the character may look like coming from somewhere.

The movements and expressions in the movies are those areas that a film maker considers vital in the production of the quality movies. The movements are usually taken from the scenes in the movies or the stories. The movements can be combined well with the shots to bring the scenes out in a beautiful manner. In the movie the Battleship Potemkin, the devices have been extensively used to show gender and sexual differences. This technique is usually necessary for producing the qualitative video clips.

Mise en scène is a manner how the objects appear in front of the camera. The arrangement of characters in front of the camera is usually considered to ensure that the scenes are made as desired.

Editing is another paramount feature in the production of any movie. Editors of movies should ensure that the shots taken are going along the story line. The editor should select some quality shots that clearly show what is going in the script. An understanding of the script by an editor should be compulsory to ensure that the audience is related well to the movie. The editor should ensure that the movie is interesting. The editor may use different editing techniques to make the shots appear fabulous in the eyes of viewers. The edited movies should also be relevant to the message that the movie is trying to convey. The editing techniques include: color correction, shots arrangements, voice correction, and many others.

Though the movies were shot in the period when the technology was so much developed, the editors somehow tried to use few quality editing techniques. The editors used a variety of editing features to show the effects of gender and sexual differences. In the movie the Battleship Potemkin, the editor incorporated the effect of editing with the dramatic effects to ensure that he has delivered the desired message.

In conclusion it is necessary to say that these two movies have used the similar techniques for showing gender and sexual differences. However, in some instances, the movies have used different techniques to deliver the same message.

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