Formal Analysis of Bronze Statue of Eros Sleeping Essay

The statue of Eros Sleeping is a unique piece of art. It has its period back to the Hellenistic also known as Augustan period dating 3rd century B.C early in the first century A.D. its culture was directly linked and associated with the Romans and the Greeks. It’s an artistic work made of bronze, with dimensions of 85.24 cm in length. It is currently displayed on display gallery 164 accession number 43.11.4 in the Metropolitan museum of art.

The statue can be described one of the few statues made of bronze that have survived antiquity. It is made to a visualizing figure of a plump baby in a relaxed state. This conveys a sense of juxtaposition and realistic detail that the medium of bronze is attainable. It was even possible to have made him of stone.

Simply placing it in an arts context, it’s one of the supreme examples of bronze and stone statues. Unlike many other replicas, it was immeasurably a popular kind in Hellenistic and most importantly in the roman times. In the roman periods, sleeping Eros was used to adorn villa gardens and fountains. In the Hellenistic period they were probably used as dedications within a sanctuary of Aphrodite or raised in public parks or even in the royal gardens.

I will definitely begin by analyzing the most eminent feature of Eros; shape. It is based on the shape of a childlike figure. It looks like a child with wings. There was more to this like nothing in the way the body appeared dissimilar from the ancient Greek style. In every sagacity of it, Greeks create figures as perfect as the word itself. The figures were given bodies which today many would part with fortunes to obtain.

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Posing like a chubby baby, he is made is such compromising qualities that the adult body takes. Evidently, his legs are of larger proportions as compared to the rest of the body. They are also made to appear muscular toned, as opposed to that of a baby but of course being a son of a god, I guess it was conventional to find this in a child then. The added detail put in his right hand seem to depict adult hands. They are immensely detailed down to the fingers but definitely not like those an infant would possess.

Bronze has been used to make him. This is quite a sporadic sight in the galleries. The metal must have been melted down and then condensed by the unknown artist then beautifully crafted. The bronze material on him makes him look quite modern and up to date. As opposed to stone arts, this piece even today remains relevant and anachronistically recent. His relaxed arm suspends over his side of the rock which adapts to his body as if it was a pillow under him.

There is no definite color that would adequately describe him. But adding to his bronze color which is a metallic brown color which shows a resemblance to the actual alloy bronze. It brings the contrast to its super natural curving and resemblance of a baby. It has an aspect of being supernatural combined to the fact that it has wings and seem quite relaxed.

The statue of Eros Sleeping shines and is well polished. This shows some resemblance to a clean environment and also signifies royalty and class. Given its posture, it reflects light. This would exemplify the thought of a bright future. Evidence shown by his mature characteristic despite being a baby signifying readiness to face the forth coming handles to the bright future.

The statue of Eros Sleeping is ornamented in a very unique and outstanding way. He is fully naked but holding his potential to cover himself. This is because he has wings but instead are behind his back and folded. This suggests that he wants to remain and seen naked. Being a baby it is unquestionably accepted but the question lingers on his mature features. Based on his maturity, his nakedness would exemplify romance or a posture to a beloved. This would be exemplary be conclusive if he was placed next to a female or a horde of them.

Romantic love instigates passion precisely because he is displayed to the properties that belong to a finely mature man. With wings it is assumed that every feminine would be pleased and be hooked to him. The work of art assigned to this statue is simply amazing and an example to be emulated.

Styles related to ornamentation can be analyzed in reference to the original culture which came up with the initial forms of decoration. Being directly related to the Greeks, the Greek culture comes out beautifully as that of a romantic, imaginative and godly based.

There have been several likely functions attached to this statue. Firstly was in Hellenistic society which seems to compare him to a god. They may have used him to represent god who would heal them from illnesses and protect them and their families. The unique characteristic of the Hellenistic bronze portrait is the ability of the sculptor to appear to seizure the human mind abysmal in the soul. Imaginatively it was also used to describe true beauty and feelings.

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The other possible function was to show the beauty and perfection in art. Anyone with a second sense of art would have definitely fallen in love with the piece. It’s priceless. Anciently they were used to decorate yards and palaces. Today, it is an attractive art work that has been studied by many scholars and emulated by many upcoming artists who could love to come up with such. Moreover, it is made of a valuable metal that shows it is to stand the test of time to remain intact to be utilized by future generations. The dwindling significance attached to artwork by the upcoming generations would be captured and brought back if we could retain such valuable assets for their benefit.

The statue up to today has been well preserved. Currently it is preserved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is in New York, Rogers Fund. Since 1943 it has remained in a comparatively good state considering it is made if a strong metal alloy. Placed on a rock and in a dry environment it is unlikely to get any form of damage from the surrounding. Though having a crack on its arm adjacent to the shoulder, it does not have any other observable forms of damage on it. It is likely to survive up to 5000 years from now.

In conclusion, I’m left with minimal to say about Eros. This has left me with a craving to visit more museums and have a taste of the same cake again. It is amazing how art can carry forward ancient practices to recent and adding more flavor to the world of art. Based on all observations, I will always be dedicated to art to promote its essence and to subdue its unending wonders.

More avenues of research that would give an insight on the whole are endless. The internet is one of them. Many books have been written by professional researchers are available such as The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, 2008, Greek art by Bohn Baordman, 1973 and The Critic as Artis by Oscar Wilde, 2007. Journals, newspapers and other publication related to the topic are as well beneficial.

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