Girl Interrupted

Girl interrupted is a movie that was adapted from a memoir. This memoir was authored by Susanna Kaysen in the year nineteen hundred and ninety three (1993). The movie was launched in 1999 (Kaysen, 1993). The author of the memoir narrates experiences that she gained while in a psychiatric hospice in 1960’s. The movie was produced by Wick Douglas and Konrad Cathy. Its executive producers were Brodie Carol and Ryder Winona. Kacandes Georgia was the co-producer. The movie was directed by Mangold. The screenplay includes Mangold, Loomer Lisa and Phelan Anna. Sussana, the main character is played by Winona Ryder. Lisa is Angelina Jolie, Daisy is Brittany Murphy, Georgina is Clea Duval whereas Polly is Moss Elizabeth. Others characters include Jacobs Tobias who is nicknamed Leto Jared, Dr. Potts who is dubbed Jeffrey Tambor, Dr. Wick who is nicknamed Vanessa Redgrave, Valerie is nicknamed Whoopi Goldberg and Mrs. Gilcrest who is called Mary Kay Place in this movie. This movie partly relays the spirit of the book that was authored by Susanna Kaysen (Kaysen, 1999).

The Main Losses in the Movie

Winnona Ryder played a distressed adolescent. She attempted to commit suicide by ingesting a bottle of aspirins. This incident is trailed by her ingesting a bottle of booze. Despite the fact that it is not well described, there were scratches on her wrists. Afterward, Ryder devoted herself within a mental institution for cure. Obviously, “the treatment” that she received did not come from any other place but from the mental institution to be precise from her colleagues who had various mental disorders.

The setting is characterized by plenty of smoking. Lots. The patients in the mental institution were allowed to smoke cigarettes within the vicinity. Smoking is incorporated inside the medicines/alcohol due to the fact that smoking is characterized by addictiveness. Another reason is that is due to the impairment to the temple of Christ to be precise the body. And this particular film of girl interrupted was chunky with smoking. Whilst in the mental institution, Winnona Ryder went ahead and carried out sexual favors for a premature boyfriend. This boyfriend turned up as he was walking out of the United States of America in order to avoid the draft to be precise the Vietnam era. His actions were triggered by the counsel he received from his father. Winnona Ryder’s main opposite whilst in the mental institution was mainly inharmonious with everybody. Furthermore, she was the female corresponding person of the high school harassment and lead complainer. She articulated simply regarding all kinds of tentative wise-sounding imitation rationalization for her conduct to proselytize every person who would pay attention into deeming her moaning tale and that every other person ought to feel as terrible.

The utmost loss of points in this film is owing to first and foremost language. The second reason for the loss of points is sex, and the last reason was drug abuse/alcohol to be precise smoking and teen drinking. Above sixty three (63) utilization of the main unclean of the unclean words were observed. Furthermore, a token quantity of usage of the 3/4 letter word terminology have been noted. Better still the usage of God's name in futility, on one occasion with the 4 letter exclamation have been observed. There is a single girl that was liberated. She committed homicide. She managed to do this by hanging herself subsequent to cutting herself up. Her main problem was shame of having sexual intercourse with her father. This shame was fixed within her by the lead complainer with astonishing unkindness. The lifeless body of the girl bled whilst hanging. However, this is a "neat trick" due to the fact that departed individuals do not bleed. This is a very good family amusement. There is a great deal, a great deal more to this compilation of falsifications and alterations of genuineness. Furthermore, there is great deal, a great deal to this compilation of falsifications and alterations of offenses of honorable thinking, a lot of further incursions of the just and unpolluted. These falsifications and alterations of genuineness are categorized into five. The first category is the wanton violence. As far as this category is concerned there are first and foremost, 2 attempted homicides. Secondly, there is argumentative conduct against appropriate agents to be exact harassment strategies. Thirdly, there is the provision of medicine which is intended for self. Fourthly, there is creeping in order to conduct breaking and entering. Fifthly, there is bodily attack. Sixthly, there are the graphic harms. Lastly, the film is characterized by stealing of money from a corpse.

The second category of falsification and alteration of genuineness is impudence and or hate. First, there are sixty three uses (63) of the main unclean of the unclean words. Second, there are fifteen (15) uses of 3/4 letter expressions terminology. Third, there is the proposal to tell the untruth so as to permit treacherous encounter. Fourth, there is the usage of expression "I do not desire to wind up in the same manner as my mother." Fifth, the movie is characterized by adolescent haughtiness against parents. Sixth, there is the evasion draft as promoted by father. Seventhly, there is the heartening of disagreement with lies. Last, there is unbelievably conceited unfriendliness regarding homicide.

The third category of falsification and alteration of genuineness is Sex/Homosexuality. As much as this category is concerned, first and foremost, there are instances of male teens and female teens sharing the same bed while naked. The nakedness is not seen. Second, there is a short lower female teen nakedness, both at the front and back. Third, there is the sensual positioning. Fourth, there is the usage of an expression such as "What type of sexual intercourse is not informal?” Fifth, there is numerous sex gossip, affronts, querying invasion privacy, and insinuation. Sixth, the film is characterized by female adolescent grasping pants belonging to male adolescent to do oral sex. Seventh, it is characterized by an adolescent pair in bed removing clothes of one another. Eighth, the film is characterized by sexual intercourse in between a sick person and orderly. Last, it is distinguished by admittance of sexual immorality.

The fourth category of falsification and alteration of genuineness is drugs/alcohol. Under this category, the film is characterized by smoking. Second, it is distinguished by adolescent drinking. Third it is characterized by compelling medicines inside the mouth of sleeping nurse. Fourth, it is distinguished by smoking dope and lastly by illegitimate drug use.

The fourth category of falsification and alteration of genuineness is offense to God. First and foremost,there is a single usage of the name of God with the 4 letter exclamation and ten (10) without. Last, there is the facetious usage of "I will pray for you."

The fourth category of falsification and alteration of genuineness is Murder/Suicide.

What Stage of Loss can you Identify in two of the Main Characters?

The Girl interrupted movie generates interest amongst its viewers and additionally, Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie are outstanding in their performance. Jolie is depicted as a female teenager who is reckless. She plays a crucial role towards the healing of Susanna. Her role surpasses that of the doctors. Ryder is suffering from mental illness and as a result is not able to make visual patterns. While in the hospital, Ryder suffers from depersonalization. Due to this condition, she bites herself prior to turning out to be horrified that she has actually lost her bones. As far as Angelina concerned the stage of loss in her is depicted when she sneaks runs away from the hospital only for her to come back after several days had elapsed and finds that her roommate had left. Furthermore, Angelina is used to verbally attacking other people accuses Daisy of having an affair with her father. This move made Daisy to cut to commit suicide.

What Behaviors are used to Mitigate, Ignore or Deal with the Losses?

There are various behaviors in the film which are used to ignore/mitigate/deal with the losses. First, following the swallowing of a poisonous substance, the main character who is Ryder is given first aid. This action makes her survive. Second, in one instance, Angelina triggered Brittany Murphy to commit suicide. As a result, she managed to sneak from the hospital. However, the police managed to apprehend her and returned her back to the mental institution. In this case, the police seemed to be ignorant since they ought to have arrested Angelina and arraign her in court owing to her triggering behavior.  Third, a character by the name Torrey had been instructed by fellow students to sneak from the hospital. However, due to the fact that she was a coward, she does not to their advice. Last, apart from that particular incidence in which Angelina sneaked from the hospital after triggering the death of Murphy, she has in many instances sneaked from the hospital. However, she keeps on coming back.

Does this Succeed in doing so?

The behaviors that have been employed in mitigating/ignoring the losses have succeeded to some extent. This is because subsequent to the taking of the right measures, the characters regained their normal status. On the other hand, Angelina does not succeed in escaping from the mental institution since she is arrested and returned back.
Explain any Rituals used and Link them to the Cultural Context of the Movie. In this movie several forms of rituals can be distinguished. First, the title of the movie is borrowed from a Vermeer painting to be precise Girl Interrupted at her music. In the book, there are magnificent recollections regarding the manner in which Susanna observed the painting with her English tutor initially.  The book also narrates the effects of the paintings. Better still, it explains how Susanna came across with Vermeer’s work some sixteen years afterward.  Second, the act of Daisy cutting some parts of her body is another form of ritual. Her action was triggered by Murphy. The third form of culture depicted in this movie is that of Murphy of preparing the chicken meat. After preparing the meet keeps the shell. She argues that she will only leave the mental institution after has amassed fourteen shell of the chicken.

How does Culture Influence the Characters and their Responses to the Loss, their Attention to One Another and to Society?

Winona Ryder looks puzzled and also anxious owing to the changes of cultures during the years nineteen sixty seven and nineteen sixty eighty. This is because she stated that perhaps she was mad, perhaps it was the nineteen sixties. The film mainly centers on adolescent females and is established in the precincts of a hospital or hospice ward. Susanna intermingles and creates friendship with her roommates. Valerie assists Sussana in regaining her normal state after partaking in crazy behavior. Valerie turns up at least 3 times as a psychiatrist. The meeting between Valerie and Winona Ryder brings out the charming matters regarding the movie. Firstly, it establishes how our civilization tags the state of madness and no-madness state in an individual. Secondly, it establishes how our civilization tags female adolescent sexuality.

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