Hollywood Filmmaking

Independent films target a specific group of people; thus, are created along a specific line of ideas. Mainstream films, on the other hand, are those that are geared towards reaching masses to gain profits. They use renowned actors and are profit-oriented and, therefore, look to reduce cost while ensuring high quality. In both cases however, high quality would be a better option, because no one wants a poor product (Bordwell, Staiger and Thompson 1985). As compared to the Studio Era, the current technology has ensured the ultimate utilization of time and resources while the quality of the films has improved in terms of color, sound, widescreen, stereophonic sound and 3-Dimension displays. Distribution costs have also been reduced due to the growing popularity of Internet access.

Numerous advancements in the recent years have shown an unprecedented need to keep up with technology. Since more innovations and improvements are made every day, it is expected that the cost of producing high quality movies and distributing them will get easier (Robbe 35). This will lead to the production of more sophisticated and high quality films in the Hollywood in both independent and mainstream film production.

Hollywood movie-making model refers to the economics behind the production of a film. It pays attention to the cost of production as well as the profitability of a mainstream film. The financial part would also be thoroughly calculated in terms of achieving the objective in case of independent films. In order to succeed in the industry, the directors have to ensure that the movies they produce keep up with technology by incorporating it in each new film they produce (Robbe 36). This would reduce the costs and ease their production. All they need now is to become more creative and produce more films as well as keep up with their customers’ demands. The producers should also improve the level of internet security to ensure that their films are not used up by undesired audience via online resources, which would negatively affect their sales.

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