Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity


The name of the artist who drew this picture is Claude Monet who was a French citizen from 1840–1926. He gave this work the title known as impressionism, fashion and modernity. It was drawn on 18th December 1860.The materials used to make this work were; flowers, clothing, trees, grass and soil. The size of the work is 14cm by 10cm. This work was donated from past prominent artists of 1880s. There are many reasons why I have selected the above art. First, it reveals the role taken by fashion in the modern period. This mode of ladies dressing long skirts is the best way of dressing than short skirts used by ladies today. Second, the decorations used here are attractive. Looking at this picture carefully, it has different attractive colors. Third, the environment where these people are living in is greenish. I like the green color because it portrays health and good life to the creatures around.


The gallery where this art is found is called metropolitan museum of art and all the works were arranged in chronological orders. They are displayed from the year they happened up to the recent works. There are many other works which are displayed near my display such as the path of nature, sleeping Eros and plain or fancy. These works of art are related to my work of art because when I look at the art “path of nature”, there are trees which are also found in my work of art and in the “sleeping Eros” there are people who are also found in my work of art. The main theme of this gallery is that people and trees are all living things which live together in the universe.

Historical background

The owners of this work of art were just craft men who were interested with the tremendous changes in fashion during 1860s. They decided to reveal the relationship between the old fashion and the modern fashion through the work of arts. During this work of art, Paris emerged as the style city. This work of art is related to the event of that time because costumes, accessories, fashion plates, photographs, and popular prints were all focusing on fashion.

Formal Analysis Visual Elements:

In this work of art, there are many types of lines used but the most common ones are curved and vertical lines in dresses. Lines and colors are the type of direction forces which moved my eyes through this work. The common shape used in this work is abstract especially in dresses and natural environment. In the diagram, positive shapes appear on human creatures and trees /and negative ones are on the earth because its coloring is not interesting. This artist used open type of palette in this work of art to make it more interesting. Low key (shades) are the main types of colors and values used in this art /and the source of light is the sun. Shadows of the creatures in this art are due to light from the sun. The artist has used modeling to show dimensional, gradual reduction of size, and foreshortened to show depth, and linear perspective. The artist has also used the actual texture to represent this object. Uniform brushstrokes have been used to show unity in this work of art /and more so many varieties are used, examples are trees, umbrella, clothes, grasses and flowers. To balance this work, the artist used symmetrical method and colors.

Dressing is the main emphasis in this work because of the way people have changed their modes of dressing in the world today. The colors used by the artist draws my attention to look at this work. The subordinate area in the work is the soil due to its coloring which is not interesting at all. The sizes of the objects in the picture are normal and normal proportion. There is repetition of objects used in this work and are all visual objects.


The subject matter is dressing code between men and women. The artist did not use ant symbolism in the work because most of the objects used are symbolic. Example is umbrella symbolizing rainy or sunny weather. Both works are related especially when we look at the objects used. Symbolism is used everywhere in other pictures. This work was commissioned by Kelvin who was in charge of display /and the main purpose of this work of art was to teach people in the form of arts that the past mode of dressing is friendlier than the current one.


In conclusion, dressing modes are very important /and people should learn to dress well so safeguard the future of the coming generations who are at risks of rape due to exposing their bodies in public

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