Islam: The Empire of Faith

The film, to the best of my understanding, depicts Islam rather accurately, with key issues in Islam being highlighted. It not only explains the key pillars of Islam, but also gives an account of the base of their belief. The documentary also explains the origin of Islam and the reasons why it spread very fast and widely throughout the world. The documentary also explains the different notable figures in the evolution of Islam, most notably prophet Mohammed (SAW) who Muslims believe is the last true prophet from God, Allah. The documentary also looks into the major accomplishments during civilization. It is unexpected that anyone would create the documentary with a look into other religions. The documentary explains other religions, most notably Christians whom they term as the ‘People of the Book’.

There are many misconceptions that have developed over the years with regard to Islam. Such include the belief that they consider no other religion as oriented towards Godliness. However, the film depict Muslims as people who recognize other religions. The only thing that cause misconceptions is the belief that they are the finest religion. Further, some people argue that Muslims do not recognize Jesus, but the film shows that they respect him as a prophet, though they rate him as a small prophet than Mohammed.

There are several was that the film has improved the way I understand and perceive Islam. Most books and available material have led to the belief that peace was a very easy thing to understand. The film however depicts a different thing in that there are issues that must be addressed in order fo followers of Islam to fully embrace peace. While most people in history looked for military action, Islamic leaders were keen to create beliefs among the young members. This way, very strong rebellious groups were formed under the belief of faith and the will of their god Allah.

The film has some material that compares Islam to other religions such as Christianity. Though they draw similarities with regard to early prophets such as Abraham and Moses, they differ in the belief that their Islam religion is the perfect religion that has been derived from the other religions such as Jewish and Christianity. They take Mohamed as the Seal to prophecy and this has led to their hostility towards Bahais whom they believe is false.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world as seems to become the most popular in the near future. They contributed to modern civilization and they are among the people who have been termed as very significant in the development of algebra and other mathematical formulas. They have also been regarded as the people who discovered many Physics and Chemistry formulas, a fete that has not been attributed to any other religion.

Viewing the film was calm and at the same time enlightening as well as compelling me to change in perception with regard to the religion. It was a perfect experience to a person who is eager to learn as many religions as possible.

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