Film Review Journey to Banana Land

Journey to Banana land is a film set in the 1950s and is the story of the historical struggle for individuals in the society. This is a movie about the important phases in the banana culture. The journey by the characters begins in the Unites States and sale through the Caribbean area. There is a map that shows the different countries and locates some of the most celebrated cities Central America. This map shows some of the dominant cities in the country, as well as their vegetation and regions. The journey reaches its destination, a banana plantation in the lowlands of Middle America. This movie is a historical representation of the development of the republic. This film is a depiction of the workers clearing a jungle for plantation and planting of new crops. Animated diagrams indicate the growth of a banana plant from the time of plantation of the rootstock till the plant is fully grown. The ripening of the plant takes some time and is an indication of the amount for time historical revolution requires.

With ripening of the plant comes a time for harvest. This is done by three men; a cutter, the backer and the mule man. Each of these men has a distinctive task of ensuring that the plant makes it to the consumer. The tasks are different, yet each depends on the other. Another scene indicates the bananas being dipped in a tank for cleaning. There are special trains that transport the bananas across the country. These are then put in ripening rooms and distributed for consumption. In the end, there is a group of people enjoying the fruit for breakfast, lunch and supper. They also have to enjoy it in between meals, as a sign of their appreciation to persons who worked diligently to ensure that the fruit reached the consumption of the citizens. There are different ways that citizens can enjoy the banana as indicated by the child preparing a banana milk shake.

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This film is an indication of the manner that different people appreciate and enjoy the richness of life. The film indicates an array of the different assortment of experiences and richness in experiences that the film provides. Bananas are an illustration of modern treasure. This is a commodity that makes its transition from the plantation to the breakfast people in the different areas of the country. The story of the travels of the banana republic can be used to explain the different changes in t history of the American society. Over the past 450 years, there has been changes in the society; changes that are represented by the banana land. In line with the history of the society, there has been revolution and a struggle to gain independence in the society. Just like the banana grew from its rootstock to maturity, the society has transformed from a colonial era to an era of independence. There has been a struggle to gain independence with the help of a few prominent individuals in the society.

The prevalent theme is one of change and transformation. There are different instances of transformation in the story, especially with the ripening of the banana. The manner with which society transforms into a better place for the citizenry is another historical trait. Previous societies were living in a society that did not have their best interests at heart. Transformation was a means of improving the livelihoods of the individuals in the society and increasing their utilization of resources. The rights of the citizens are better now than they were in the previous eras. The film has the look of a travelogue, which was an intentional move from the creator of the film.

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