Laura Wingfield

Laura Winfield is a main character in the Glass Menagerie play by Tennessee Williams. She is a young lady with a physical defect that causes her to walk lamely. She displays social dysfunction as she runs away from the society when she is faced with emotional problems. Another side of societal dysfunction is represented by family dysfunction in which case Laura is made to feel bad by her mother Amanda after being loquacious and bragging always concerning the many gentleman callers she had. This is despite the fact that families should be there for one another. Family dysfunction extends to the dysfunction to the society since the family is the basic unit of society. She is an isolated character thereby causing social dysfunction as we know that an individual should participate in societal matters instead of getting herself busy with phonographic records as she attempts to withdraw herself from the society (Maniar 1).

On the other hand, Laura is gender sensitive. This is revealed when she is approached by Jim. She seems to like men more than women. Most of the instances in the play, Laura does not get along well with her mother, but this sudden encounter with Jim raises her self-esteem. This is so true because she allows herself to be driven by her emotions towards Jim such that he opens up and narrates to him about her past. The encounter of a new person in her life means real encouragement to move on. The encounter shows that she can move from her unrealistic world and move into the social reality. She held Jim so dear such that it looks like she could change and become free from the world of faction. However, Jim does not make her life better. In my opinion, Laura is unique character in this play because she stays away from the social world and does her things in her own way and in a way that she pleases. She is one character who is socially dysfunctional as well showing some special liking for men i.e. she has a soft spot for men seen even with her brother (Bradford 1).

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