Live Jazz

Jazz music is very important in the modern world due to the nature of entertainment it offers to the audience. Jazz is a combination of unique music styles, innovations and complexity which keeps the audience moving. In this aspect, jazz, as a fusion of the variety of different music styles and trends, may satisfy the fine tastes of different music admirers. Moreover, jazz music has been reflecting injustices and other problems of the society, elaborating on the themes which are against the societal norms and practices. Over the years, jazz music has been used to condemn the evil practices related to suffering of mass audience as slaves. This has made jazz music very significant reflector of the social events.

 Additionally, jazz music has been used by communities in order to identify themselves with it. For instance, Americans identify themselves with jazz music as it helps in recognition of their culture and their musical styles. Jazz music appeared in Orleans, and since its origin jazz has continuously been linked to American culture through socializing the societies as well as families. African Americans have also identified themselves with jazz music thus appreciating their history. Aspects mentioned above make jazz music so important in our lives.

Live jazz performance is very special as it attracts the attention of the audience without necessarily participating. The mix of a variety of styles and innovation that the performers display to the audience makes listeners get interested. Very minimal participation of the audience is required since it does not involve the use of vocal but a bit of listening and observation. Most of the works are performed by the musicians who, to some extent, give it a special nature. Live jazz music is also special in the way performers do their work compared to those who play other types of music. Jazz performance demands very little energy and body movements. While the performers use the instruments, body movements are minimized, and they rarely move from place to place at the stage. Additionally, there is a direct link between the audience and performers where both have their area of performance. Therefore, the boundary between the performers and the audience makes the live jazz concert more special. 

Audiences react in a number of ways when listening to live jazz performances. Listeners enjoy and appreciate the rhythms of the songs, cheer musicians and become the part of the live jazz performance. In most cases, as evident in the live performances, audience wish to be a part of the concert by trying to follow the tunes of the jazz. Such reaction of the audience is motivating the musicians to do their best in entertaining their guests. People express their amusement and satisfaction from the concert through the facial expressions and body movements, while the audience is carried away by the sweet instruments, which make them react in this manner. Although jazz music has minimum use of verbal language, intelligent audience can easily get the information from the performances, so the mood of listeners is changing with every tone which triggers their reaction. Lastly, live jazz performance is very enjoyable and brings the audience together while people are attached to the themes of the performance and are following the tune.

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