Modern Art


There are certain definitions of modern and contemporary art; modern art means art that was done by the impressionists probably starting from the 1880s to the 1970s. The time of its emergence is also a subject to debate on as some believe it began with romanticism while others believe it was with realism (Kerrigan 2006). However, none of the above variants is wrong. Regardless of when it appeared, modern art means the point at which artists were free to trust and express their inner visions, use social issues as well as images from modern life as a source of subject matter; they enjoyed to experiment and innovate.

The characteristics of modern art could be somewhat ambiguous, but there are distinctive features such as the ones described below.


The modern art does not make the viewer think that the art is a place or a person but rather it is just a painting or a sculpture. The art creates a world where an apple is just a blotch of red pigment.

Balanced Composition

Modern art has a balanced composition; the art shows an interest in both perspective and textual details. Additionally, most modern artists have a tendency towards abstraction.


My initial conceptions did not differ much from what is given in the text book in that by definition of modern means. This is an exact opposite of modern art since art of recent times is called contemporary art.

I was very much surprised that the works described in the text represent modernism, foe example, the sculptures of Rodin and the Fin De Siecle sculptures that represented the human body and emotions (Toynton 2005). The modern art work that captured my attention is Monet’s Impression Sunrise; it was the art that gave the impressionists movement its name with its blood red sun and the harbor at Le Havre.


Modern art is an interesting era of art, and most of the pieces were done between the 1870s and 1970s. They were more about what the artist felt and how he portrayed that feeling in his art.

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