Photography is the process of making pictures using the cameras. These cameras can either be mechanical, electronic, or chemical in nature. This art has proven to be very important, both in the past and in the present, as an evidence keeping tool for various events including the accident scenes. This is because the photographs produced are the exact images of such scenes and can be kept for a very long time. Many developments in the field of photography have therefore been experienced due to its continued support in the investigation processes over the years. This essay discusses the importance of taking panoramic shots of accident scenes as well as the other forms of photographic techniques useful to the accident investigators.

According to Highton (2010), panoramic is a photography technique that uses specialized equipments in order to capture wide fields of view. It also allows for capturing of multiple overlapping photos taken from a distance. It has a variety of software application which makes it very adaptive to its purposes and hence very important to the accident investigators.

As an accident investigator, I find this technique very useful, since it allows for 360 degrees coverage of the accident scenes; meaning that I can have a very comprehensive picture of the accident scene for proper investigation and analysis (AI CH 3-4.pdf). Personally, I use this approach in my work since it easily allows for consistency into my investigation by presenting consistent images. This is possible because it allows for the stitching of the rotated and tilted images; making it possible to be aligned with the newly captured image. Bad terrain is not a big challenge to this technique since it has a very wide coverage and tilting technique which let it give the complete and clear image (Biron, 2009).

Another photographic technique I find useful for documenting the evidence of accident scenes is the High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI). This is the technique which allows for the luminance of the dark areas and therefore, makes it easy to capture the scenes which are in dark places; for example, the accidents that happen at night. Another important technique is the Motion Blurs photography which allows capturing and showing the movements. This is important since it makes possible for the photographers to capture the movements of the rescuers around the accident scenes, which can be very crucial in investigation process (Hess & McLernon, 2011).

In conclusion, it is worth noting that photography is very important in giving evidence of an accident scene and therefore, a combination of techniques should be used for quality improvement.

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