Resonance: Looking for Mr. McLuhan

Pratt Manhattan Gallery presented this exhibition that marked Marshall McLuhan’s birth, a media critic. It was held at Pratt Manhattan on 14th Street. This exhibition showed McLuhan’s thoughts on artists today and how his work is still applicable to the way we understand our media setting. The exhibition opened with a reception on the evening of October 20. Both the exhibition and the reception were open to all those who were willing to attend.

Resonance is an exhibition that features drawings and photographs among others media components such as videos. It is as well composed of artists and films. This exhibition was curated by Berta Sichel, a former director at the Department of Audiovisuals.

This exhibition was established with an aim of demonstrating McLuhan’s timeless ideas on the development in media, and to crop up questions on the mediation of the present images which include the shift into the digital culture. McLuhan wrote on the many forms found in media such as movies, and television. There were themes in his work and concerns about the media’s future, as well as the subject on tourism. His celebrated legacy is due to his ability to foresee the advancement of technology in his works.

McLuhan’s valuable ideas have inspired “Resonance” which went on to create a Pandora box of mass-media community with uncertainty. His ideas of grafting culture and the media’s effects form an environment that sets ideas that form a base of theoretical thoughts. This exhibition had several artists such as Terry Berkowitz and Chris Petit among others.

Resonance: Looking for Mr. McLuhan demonstrates the timeless nature of Marshall McLuhan. Over the years, McLuhan’s ideas have become both contemporary and pertinent in the sense that he seems to have seen the technological advancement that would define the future of modern world. This exhibition is inspired mostly by his pertinent ideas where he did not truly anticipate the enormity of the coming changes.

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