Respect Rock n Roll

During the musical era of the sixties, one can say that music such as jazz, the blues, soul and funk has influenced the musical geniuses not only in America but around the globe. The topic covered in the video viewed discusses the influence of what many may call “black music.”

Gospel music was one of the most spiritual and calming form of sound one can ever come by, however, legends like Ray Charles, took the gospel world in a whole new direction where it was no longer listened to just in church but people found fans and admires of his talent around the world. Others like Sam Cooke that many may view as a powerful force in the black music industry. As his “you Sent Me” single sold over 2 million copies. Such talent was phenomenal during those days and it was those talented individuals who opened the door to future jazz, blues and soul artists who continue to grace the world with their talent.

Music continued to look past race and the video mentions the artist cross-over talent. For example Jackie Wilson, who might not have been the funkiest or bluesy individuals, other artists always found it easy to make records with him. It was no longer a battle of the races it was simply black and white artist working together to produce the best records that will sell millions and make many people happy including themselves. The song “Please Mr. Postman” by the rising starts of the group “Freshmen High-School, The Marvelettes” a girl group who featured black faces in their album became highly popular. Furthermore, who can forget Motown, a legendary group with legendary talent that made “Two Letters” a smashing hit. But it remains that Michael Jackson will forever remain one of the most popular world wide known black artist around the world. His journey bean as a child in the banned balled Jackson Five. Hence, it was Steve Cropper who played Guitar, Donald “Duck” Dunn played bass and Brooker T. Jones that made head waves when they became the first ever cross-race band in history of music.

Black music remain to be a great influence in the music industry in America and around the world. Ray Charles and Michael Jackson will remain popular and viewed as great influences in music. But currently the world hears talent, it does not see color, it simply sees an individual who loves music that allowed past professionals and legends to influence their style and career.

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