Rocket Singh: The Salesman of the Year

Rocket Singh: The Year’s Salesman was an Indian-based comedy movie with Shimit Amin as the director. The film is luminary of figures such as Ranbir Kapoor, Gauhar Khan, D. Santosh, and Naveen in the main roles. Prem and Shazahn daughter to Alyque  and Prabhakar, who enters her first appearance in the movie, play supportive roles. Ranbir Kapoor, staring as Harpreet S. Bedi, a graduate from Sikh Business Communication with roughly 39 % marks turns to be a salesman in a renowned corporate computer service and assembly company, AYS.

Harpreet Singh’s idealistic dreams of a career in the world were crushed promptly. In his first few days at work, client requests for a bribe. Harpreet was horrified and filed an objection. Conversely, Harpreet Singh’s honesty immediately earned him humiliation and a demotion. Following several concessions with a customer for the firm, Harpreet realized that success to his sales was reliant on the clients. In his discovery, Harpreet could not convince the rest to agree with his ideology. Harpreet was undeterred from his belief that led him to opening a private company known as the Rocket Sales Corporation. With time, other dissatisfied employees join Rocket Sale Corporation. In Rocket Sales Corporation all people were considered as equal partners, which included those serving tea. It was supposed that they brought talent to the business.

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The Rocket Sales Corporation soon became successful. The success was owed to its devotion to outstanding customer services. The Sunil Puri, managing director at AYS became enraged by the newly found Rocket Sales Corporation’s success. After several efforts to contact, he eventually places calls on the AYS reception customer service desk, and the telephone starts receiving calls, given that the Rocket Sale Corporation was being supervised from AYS head quarters, where Rocket Sales partners to that moment were employed. The managing director fires both Harpreet and his sales partners after storms of insult. He went further and made Harpreet sign a contract to hand over the Rocket Corporation to him, as he also received his final salary of one Indian Rupee.

Contrary to what the M.D had expected, AYS is incapable of run Rocket Sales' obligations to its clients’ satisfaction. The failure is further fueled by the heightened greed and cold attitude of AYS personnel. On the realization of a downfall in taking over Rocket Sales, the managing director visited Harpreet in his newly found job, in a store dealing with electronics. He returned the contract to his former salesman in exchange for one Indian Rupee. The managing director told Harpreet to never to turn to be a businessman anymore, he promised him that he would fail again. Nevertheless, no insult intended, but more of a compliment. The managing director supposed that what directed Harpreet to being remarkably flourishing was his abstinence from what he termed as “normal” business operations, such as bribes, false adverts, and low remuneration.

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The last scene was the new corporation’s office block, where a potential employee is arriving in to an interview. The scene shows all the former workers, partners in the firm, and finally drops the curtains with a genial smile from Harpreet at his desk, indicating that with time hard work and honesty are crucial business decisions.


Rocket Singh: the Salesman of the Year is an honest movie with dignified intentions. The audience learns a lesson that it requires patience to be grateful for it in full. This movie has its audience as managers, marketers, and other business-oriented minds despite the humor it utilizes to drive the point home. The film shows how service of products and the team work is admired by clients and stands a company further ahead of its competitors. It is also an educative film for mediocre persons, they are to learn that their academic brightness is not the only way to succeed, there are other additional factors ,which also determine the level of achievements in life.

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