Scissorshands Edward

Our English class, Eng:Intermediate composition, watched a Scissorshands Edward. Peg is a Cosmetics saleswoman. She comes into a castle in the town and tries to sell her cosmetics to people. She finds no one in the castle except a boy who has scissors instead of hands. Peg shows her sympathy to this abnormal creature and brings Edward back to home. After some brief communication with Peg’s neighbors, Edward becomes the famous star in the entire town. But unfortunately, he has been involved into a conspiracy which is directed by Kim (Daughter of Peg) and her boyfriend. Even if Edward tries to clear his honest and goodness, no one believe him anymore except Kim who falls in love with Edward. All the town people ask him to return to his castle. He disappears after killing Kim’s boyfriend and kissing Kim. For my sensation of Scissorhands Edward, Tim Burton, the director of Scissorhands Edward, demonstrates a “robot” who has not only an couple of bizarre scissorshands instead of normal human hands but also a virtuous and pure soul. This humanity is considered as the most lack of quality of human being. Tim Burton also bring us a journey of the modern fairy tale and a taste of chaste characteristic which dies out in the real world.

From the point of view of literary, Scissorshands Edward uses the classical plot of love of “monster and beauty”. The idea:” The unusual person has a greater personality than a real human” always works perfectly. Notice that when Peg first time visits the castle in the town, she was shocked by the fairytale world which was created by Edward. This talent of Edward earns his popularity in the town after he shows off his abilities on gardening and haircutting. Another thing is noticeable is when Edward first shows up in the dinner table of Peg’s family and the barbecue party of the village, different people perform different attitude to Edward and his creepy hands. Edward did not get influenced by these attitudes. He is always our Edward. Like Peg said in the TV show:” Edward is always special.” My favorite dialogue in the movie is,

Kim: Hold me.

Edward: I can’t.

This is the most tragic instant in the movie. Thought they love each other so deeply, they cannot stay together.

From the side of dramatic, Johnny Depp shows his best skill on acting in this movie. He only says 169 words in the whole movie, and the combination of these words builds a taciturn image. He also performs as a fiddle-footed boy and acts perfectly on detail expression. The costumes on Edward is only black and white, even his face is diffusing pallor. Edward’s face is frozen at most of the time, but when he acts into strong emotions his expression of sentiment is presented faultlessly.

Cinematically, the camera angle gives audience a good view of the stage. The music of Sicssorshands Edward is one of the best sections of the movie. The music of Scissorshands Edward stays in the topic of Holy. Some pieces of the music don’t fit the plot but they establish the basic tone of the movie is about beauty and niceness.

Scissorshands Edward reflects the corruption of the human society by formulating a clean and naïve soul which has not been polluted by the utility, even this soul has some imperfectness. More than demonstrating a love story and a fairy tale, Tim Burton discovers a kingdom without any dust but ice, plant and love.

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