Soylent Green

Soylent Green: the Antiutopian Model of our Future.

Summary on the Movie

   Living in a globalized world that brought about a lot of drastic transformations in our planet, society and ecology, we cannot avoid anticipating the ways of its further development, which may frighten us. One of such visions is reflected in the film “Soylent Green”, directed by Richard Fleischer. It stars Charlton Heston, Edward D. Robinson and Leigh Taylor-Young as the main characters. Various problems are raised in the film referring to all spheres of our life, including intellectual and physical. The central problem is the overpopulation of the Earth and the consequences it led to.

   The atmosphere of the film is taut, suffocating and exhausted. New York is crowded with people who live in awful conditions. There are no natural resources left on the planet. The Earth doesn’t breathe. Trees, animals, fresh smells, rain, and the main point – natural food – all these beauties are reached only in people’s dreams. The society is distinctly divided into two main stratums: financial elite and those who have nothing. The highest class, which is small, has the access to little store of material values, may go further in the pyramid of needs. However, their higher state of mind doesn’t let them fulfill the moral imperative to consider people as the value and aim, but not a tool.  These financial elite rule the only one global corporation of producing artificial food, which is made of the members of antiutopian society. In this way they are coping with the problem of overpopulation. In my opinion, this precipice between classes is a burning question for our modern society and the result of globalization processes that caused the increasing of power of economical sphere with rare govern of political sector.

   The film “Soylent Green” was made in 1973 but it saves its currency till nowadays. How to stay human beings with moral virtue despite any conditions, how to avoid negative effects of society, produced by us, be in the majority or try to fight – it is our right to decide and act.

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