Taming of the Shrew

From the theme of the play it is evident that what we are looking actually it is not the reality.Katherine in the play is viewd as a shrewed character while Bianca is shown as an angelic personality. The major conflict between the two is the affection of their father i.e. Katherine is palced second while Bianca is favourite one and this favouritism was increasing Baptisa’s distinction between the two sisters. So Katherine was mad to take revenge and she says in Act II scene I that "I will go sit and weep/ Till I can find occasion of revenge". This type of response from Katherine is obvious. We find at the end that shrew is not a shrew rather she shows a positive attituted and more mature personality. Another conflict was due to Baptisa’s order not to marry Bianca and her suitor until a suitor is not found for Katherine and his offer of Bianca’s suitors was a great humiliation for Katherine. And this issue raised the prejudice between the sisters. Katherine was treated as a turbulent and shrewed while Bianca knows well how she can present herself as a devine one to her father.

We can see the relationship between the two sisters at the beginning of Act II. In Act I the charge of Katherine that Bianca is acting harshly with her for gainig the affection of the father shows some sort of tense relationshiop between the sisters. But in Acto II the temperatment of sisters are more obvious. Katherine’s jealousy is obvious for Bianca as she accuses her due to the favouritism which is attaining from her father just showing herself as an innocent one. But at the end Bianca’s shrewedness becomes clearer and Katherine is depicted as a mature and virtuous character due to the intervention of Petrucio in her life.

Petrucio informs Vincentio the real father of Lucentio that his son is going to marry Bianca and they all turn their direction towards Padua. After arriving at Padua Vincentio asks to meet Baptista but the Pedant showing himself as Vincentio and the other man in disguise Tranio showing himself as the son (Lucentio) of Vincentio deny that they don’t know about Baptista. The two men try to arrest the real father of Lucentio. But at the same time Lucentio, the real son of Vincentio, alongwith Bianca arrive at the place and solve the issue. Then they announce their marriage and their marriage becomes the conflict between Vincentio and Baptista. Biptista has announced earlier that the marriage of Bianca will held only if they will be able to find a best suit for Kate. Their marriage causes Baptista and Vincentio to show their turbulent temperaments. But after a dispute they all (Vincentio, Baptista and Lucentio) come to an agreement and the three marriages (Petrucio and Kate, Lucentio and Bianca, and Hortensio and the widow) are celebrated cordially. And Petrucio celebrates by saying, “Kiss me Kate”, and they both enjoy their union.

The conflict between Katherine and Petrucio is the attempt of Petrucio to "tame" Katherine; that is, to assert his authority in their marriage and overcome her hotheaded resistance to being his wife and falling in love with him. Petrucio plays a vital role to change the temperament of Katherine. As she starts an argument with him as she does with others Petrucio behaved very well at the point and was able to voice back. He listens calmly everything she says without interruption and even he behaves well when Katherine loses her control and hits the man. In ActII Petrucio speaks with him in a good tone just for the sake of checking the temperament of the girl. Actually after that very dialogue with Petrucio the temperament of Katherine changes abruptly and she behaves with people normally or she shows her virtuous character. Petrucio adopts many methods or techniques to change her temperament or outward actions which she just shows due to psychological effects of sense of inferiority which is created by her father. Petrucio says, "Thy gown's Why, aye. Come, tailor, let us see'st. / O mercy, God! What masquing stuff is here's / What's this's A sleeve's Tis like a demi-cannon. / What, up and down, carved like an apple tart's / Here's snip and nip and cut and slish and slash, Like to a censer in a barber's shop."

The purpose to use this gown was to request Katherine that not to behave like that in future. And he also uses many different ways to tame the shrew woman. Their relationship ultimately unites them. At the moment of wedding Petrucio kidnaps the woman and after reacing the home he just forces her to enjoy the beautiful smell of food. After all that it is evident that Petrucio succeeded in his mission which was to tame the shrew woman.

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