Tara Clara's Hong Kong

Tara Clara’s Hong Kong, Canada is a critical ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Pierre Elliot Trudeau (P.E.T) Secondary school in Toronto Canada. The playwright offers a comprehensive account of her experiences of those who participated in her fictional but ethnographic studies in regard to social and linguistic dilemmas that the immigrant youth and their Canadian-born classmates face in their day to day life.

Joshua is apparently in support of those Canadians who hate Hong Kong immigrants alongside their culture and language. His love for the controversial debates on the social issues surrounding the lives of Hong Kong immigrant is imminent and this explains why he is a lunatic fan of James Wolfe on his radio program CRAB AM- a program that grossly demonizes the Hong Kong immigrants in Toronto. In more than one occasion, he exploits controversial issues of the immigrants for monetary gains within and without the P.E.T. School.

On the other hand, Sam are highly sensitive on any social issues touching on the immigrants, for instance, immigration national policies that keep on pushing Hong Kong immigrants to the edge over the years. The two characters are strongly opposed to negative ethnicity meted out to Hong Kong immigrant as does the derogatory remarks Canadians make on the Canadians of Chinese origin. Unlike Sam, Wendy is slowly diverting her attention to the English culture at the expense of her Chinese culture and language.

Sarah, the sole organizer of the P.E.T. Talent Show Night, is no doubt anti-Chinese language and cultural performances. She termed the Chinese performance boring and crazy. In her view, only English should be spoken in Toronto but not Chinese despite the high populations of Hong Kong immigrants in Canada. Finally, Nana Naomi believes that Chinese language, like her own Cantonese language, should be freely spoken in school just like any other.

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