'The Big Bang Theory' at Paleyfest

The cast and creators of the renowned comedy, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ took the stage at PaleyFest on Wednesday 13th   this month. The group offered a live insight of what takes happens the scenes during the making of the fabulous comedy show. The audience at the PaleyFest studios attained feedback to the query about the derivation of actor Sheldon Cooper’s, real name Jim Parsons’, catchphrase “Bazinga”! Also in the show, Sheldon Cooper’s feel good tune, “soft kitty” also came into the limelight. Also, the audience was curious to learn how many takes did actors Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco needed for their historic “I love u” phrase to come out excellently.  

Among the cast members present were Chuck Lorre, Sir. Bill Prady, and Steven Molaro who are also executive producers of the show. The show was moderated by NCIS moderator, Pauley Perrette. The actors of the phenomenon comedy show present were Jim parsons, Kunal Nayyar, Johnny Galecki, Mellisa Rauch, Kalley Cuoco, and Mayin Bialik (Simon, 2013). The best revelation, which came up in the show, was the spot of actor Howard mother’s, Mrs. Wolowitz, voice! The voice, which was presented at the PaleyFest in the same impression as it is done in the show, is performed by Melissa Rauch! The revelation amazed the audience and to crown it all, they were informed that actor Bernadette’s voice was based on the voice of her mother.

The highly acclaimed word used by actor Sheldon Cooper in the show originated from writer Stephen Engel. Sir Bill Prady explained that writer Stephen Engel used the word as he set up funny practical jokes in the writer’s room. The PaleyFest event was both hilarious and captivating for the audience who kept on applauding for the actors all through the show. The TV series enthusiasts viewed a different side of their favorite actors. The live event at PaleyFest studios in Los Angels gave the audience a chance to hear their favorite actors respond to their questions directly.

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