The Countess Elizabeth Bathory Essay

More attention should be directed to Elizabeth Bathory on here woman Dracula reputation and as a victim of conspiracy. This paper will focus on the life of Elizabeth Bathory and the woman Dracula characteristics.

According to the research paper, Elizabeth Bathory was a beautiful young woman born from well powerful rich family. Who suffered from high tempers, which sometime were uncontrolled resulting to brain disorder? She was a girl of immoral practices for exam, she got pregnant by one of the royal family peasants. Later, she got married to Count Ferencz Nadasdy in order to join two powerful political families. During the time of her marriage, her closest family members practiced witchcraft, rape, torture and devil worship. Which lead to her liking in inhuman acts through latest movies that have been produced for horror through Elizabeth it has shown that she was someone of horrific doings this is well explained in the movie because she is associated by turning into to zombie and turns on human beings? Zombies are evil creatures that depend on human beings for survival. Through action and comedy movies that have been produced it has shown that human beings fear and to some extent they think they existed in history especially if they relate this to the history of Elizabeth bathing which most horror movies relate to. Our cultures and technology have made us believe that bathony indeed was evil through watching this movie, but in a real sense, it was a conspiracy during that period. In the movie plight, of the living dead has shown that living human beings can be man-eaters. Magic has led us believe in other ways that society is composed of humans beings that are evil, by murdering girls that portrayed Elizabeth.

Through upbringing of Elizabeth death becomes her part of live in the movie this by the way, history relate to killings of girls that was done by Elizabeth during her time by collaborating with peasants and kidnappings. The movies show how human beings are tortured, and they undergo serious humiliations up to there death, which are done by zombies. In this dark comedy, movie there is the time when zombies would appear in the night at horror place where they could humiliate a specific person. One could become a zombie in the event there is danger ahead, or you resist his motives, but first he is friendly but changes later when you are not aware this has been portrayed well by horrific movie which shows how zombie turns faster when it sense danger. It shows zombie can be anything as long it wants to win over you this was portrayed by the fact that a beautiful lady wanted to be ever youth in her life style in order to make her husband happy which is line with Elizabeth bathony.


The movies qualify as zombie it shows how one person can change and become something else because they have evil spirits. Zombies ate man-eaters according to its explanation. They portray how they are friendly, but in a real sense, they have other motives. According to the movie people become zombies in the event they have so much socialization with people who are zombies then they influence you to join them also it can happen as results of early interactions when you were growing up with people you know as your peers. In addition, it can be at your favorite places you like.

By the fact, that movie is horrific  though Elizabeth was evil technology has exaggerated the scene by elements such it shows he killed every time and authority or surrounding community was not well  aware of this. This has affected our culture ideologies of thinking zombies existed in a long time ago and there might remains of this.

It is a movie flight of death it shows that that relationships between human violence in the context of fear of death. Death is much influenced by culture beliefs through anxiety. In this movie people, become zombies through infection virus that person who is zombie can bite you and then you become a zombie. This makes  a zombie by the fact man eaters keep on searching on pure people in public places such in airplanes, buses, and they attack people. This is shown in the movie by walking dead people becomes boys and boys become men and eventually men become zombies this turn of events at quick period shows how technology has affected our believes concerning the beliefs. Also in the context of zombies in the airplane when an accident occurs only zombies survived, and the rest dies this shows how the technology has changed our beliefs as if things are real. Based on these movies it has shown that zombies in parts of world people believe in them and also worship in them but what complicates the matter nobody has ever seen it alive in recent history.

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