The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters is a film directed by Denzel Washington and was released on the 25th of December in the year 2007. This film helps us to remember that Hollywood airbrushed social history for the screen. This movie emanates from the heart despite its cosmetic embellishments.  One becomes nostalgic for prototypes like socially conscious message from Stanley Kramer movies of the 50s and 60s as well as for the period that produced them. This movie is based on a drama that is a true story that capable of inspiring.

The issue of money in the film is demonstrated by the film construct which displays the challenges faced by African Americans in the 1930s as they perform their roles through individual’s capacity, emotions, relation, as well as their perceptions to society. The setting of the film is in the historical context of Marshall, Texas during the period of the Great Depression when Jim Crow segregation overran the federal as well as the state laws. Melvin Tolson the lead character plays the role of a professor in which case he does not only combat racial inequality, civil obedience morality, as well as integrating the Northern unions revolutionary ideals but also to assist each student on the debate team from the Jame’s Wiley College.

The movie presents numerous situations which prevent the main characters as well as the characters supporting the black abilities to overcome racial injustice. As a result of social inequality as well as the current abolition of slavery, blacks were not born with right to a birth certificate which symbolizes their inexistence as American citizens. An atmosphere of racial inequality is created by the dialogue between Henry and Samantha as her dream of being a lawyer is a declaration that is shocking. This is on the basis of existence in the state of Texas at the time of only two female Negro lawyers. The trials faced by each character are attributable to the numerous spoken as well as unspoken political situations. Hence the issue of money in this film is mostly observed via the treatment of the blacks who are displayed as poor people with no rights. They are not considered as equals to the whites (IDMB 1).

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