The Human Footprint

In 2008, National Geographic produces a documentary “The Human Footprint.” Every person leaves his/her footprint on the Earth. The products of his/her life sustenance influence on the Earth in many ways. However, people do not think about it, and they do not know how many products they use during their life. From my perspective, it is very interesting to learn all aspects of life, and their role in the world.

This movie is the story about all of us. We are very different, and we influence the planet in different ways. The scientists calculate the ordinary way of life in Great Britain. On an average, the life continues about 2,475,576,000 seconds from the cradle to grave. The main task from birth and during the life is to get enough calories because people need the permanent surge of energy. From the first hours, we can get it from the milk. During the life, one person drinks about 9,064 liters of milk. When children are young, the parents use nappies. They need about 3,800 nappies. Of course, it is very convenient for people. Although, nappies are very harmful to the environment. Plastic that is the main part of the nappies can decompose 500 years. That is why the child at the age under 2 years is responsible for carbon emission. Later, people need meat. Every person eats about 4 heads of cattle, 21 sheep, 15 pigs, 1,200 hens, and 13,345 eggs. The organism needs meat and eggs because they are the source of protein. In addition, the organism needs the energy of carbon-hydrate. That is why the bread is very important for people. About 4,283 loaves of bread the every person eats during his/her life. Of course, people need fruits and vegetables. Everybody eats about 5,272 apples and 10,860 carrots during the whole life. People used to live in the comfortable houses, work in the clean and bright offices, and buy products that are wrapped and clean. Every person throws about 8,500 kilos of food wrappers. Everybody likes chocolate. More than 10,000 bars of chocolate the person eats during his/her life. As a result, every person uses about 4,239 lavatory rolls during the life. The human body is a very efficient mechanism. During the life, every person eats more than 50,000 kilos and faeces weight about 2,865 kilos. The safety sewage disposals are the biggest human achievement. Without it, all towns could look like marshes from faeces. People take a bath or a shower every day. During the whole life, people use 1,000,000 liters of water. The human footprint on Earth is very evident. People cannot take anything with them after the death. All products of the life people will leave for the next generations. 

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Mathis Wackernagel is the scientist who has written the book in1994. His aim was to develop the planning tool that would help to maintain environmental stability. In the chapter, that calls “The purpose of this calculation,” he explains the necessity of calculation of food, water and other goods. It will help to use all limited resources very wisely. They did research in Canada. That is why some rates are different. However, the general situation is the same as in Great Britain. 

This movie is as a warning about the current situation in the world. From my perspective, the current situation is not hopeless, and I believe that people can change everything. The water resources of the Earth are very limited. There are about 6,500,000,000 people on the Earth. Some people have water for taking the bath or shower, for cooking, and drinking. However, other people do not have enough pure water to drink. People have to reduce their unnecessary use of water and other sources. Human activity is the core of global warming. People conduct themselves as owners. However, people are only servants. People have to change their attitude to the environment and nature. All disasters that have happened in the world are the warning for everybody. The Earth gives everybody the chance to use its resources and benefits cleverly. People have to do this because we must leave prosperous future for all living beings.

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