The Impact of Art

This photograph arouses a deep feeling of admiration emanating from the detail accorded to the simplicity of the object in focus. The detail and emphasis projected by the care and skill used in aligning all components of the photo leaves a deep feeling of awe owing to the fact the artist invested their patience and timing in order to capture the image of a mundane object under the exemplary lighting. The fore and background of the object is well project successfully to eliminate the instance of confusing the viewers about the intended focal point. The lighter background and a darker foreground accentuate the qualities of the spectacles leaving the me awestruck. Compared to Durer’s works, it is clear to notice the use of lighting to create contrast in addition to emphasize on details.

Picture 2 is of similar characteristics as the first picture. The artist succeeds in drawing a feeling of excitement emanating from the way he has utilized the picture frame. The object completely occupies the frame presenting a message of power and totality. His intentions of communicating his admiration of the electronic devise are left in no doubt since he uses the picture to detail the object in totality. In comparison with Durer’s work, the ability to portray the whole of a picture (by including all components in a single frame) enables the artist to impress without creating suspense.

Picture 3 however deviates from the characteristics established by the previous pieces of are. The form is based on a non-functional object whose magnificence is drawn from the detail into which the creator went to come up with the final form. Similarly, the use of lighting accentuates the piece of art since the dark background acts as a means of inculcating the detail. The artist gives the object centre stage, a strategy that accentuates the cultural place held by the human characters represented by the object. Compared to most of Durer’s pieces of art, this piece resembles the use of lighting and cultural aspects to communicate his message. Looking at the picture cultivates a feeling of melancholy owing to the exemplification of ancient civilizations.

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