Trends in the Film Industry

The film industry has experienced major changes over the recent times. One of the most notable trends is the use of alternative content in cinema. This became possible by the use of digital and 3D screens. Most cinema halls across the continents are now installing such screens as they provide quality pictures and enable live streaming. The film industry keeps expanding and better screens are core to the business success. The impact of digital screens on the film industry is the increased efficiency in transmission and ability to show alternative contents, thus eliminating the need for many screens.

Social networking is another trend that has immensely impacted on the entertainment industry. More people are joining the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media enables members to gain access to news, promotions, entertainment and advertisements. The film industry is well represented in social media. Most people learn about the new films in the market through social networks. Marketing the industry through the media has been successful. Most users are young people who form the largest portion of the audience. Social media offers a channel of meeting these people at a cheap price and in a convenient way. This reduces the cost of marketing.

The movie industry faces a number of challenges. One of them involves compromising the digital rights of film makers through downloading materials before they are released. Some people hack the systems such that they avoid paying for the movies and download them for free. The other challenge is piracy. Audiences want to access films at affordable rates and at their comfort. There is no longer any fun in going to a theatre as compared to watching a film on the computer. Some movies stay longer before they are released to the general public. This has facilitated the spread of piracy. The film industry can avoid this through giving audience access to films at reasonable prices.

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