Young British Artists

Young British Artists is a name given to a group of painters, who began to work together in late 1980-s. For their artworks, materials used and lifestyle they are considered shocking artist who have challenged the approach to art in general.

One of the leading artists of the group is Tracey Emin. She works in different genres including painting, sculpture, video and installation, photography and even needlework. Her works are viewed as sexually provocative and often considered to be feminist. The main source of inspiration of the artist is her own life with all its detail, especially intimate. Her art is also considered to be confessional and full of emotion that appeals to the emotional experience of the viewer. Her sincerity in most scabrous and personal experience gains the audience’s confidence.

Her first exhibition at the White Cube Gallery in London in 1993 was called “My Major Retrospective” and told her life story, her growing up and was mostly concentrated on the sexual part of her life. The two most famous Tracey’s works are “Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-95” and “My bed”. The first work brought Tracey the world fame, and the second was nominated for the Turner prize. She is mostly concerned with the themes of humiliation and violence in sexual relationship, which is also reflection of her own life experience. Except sex, Tracey’s works also have strong social impact as many of them are provoking the British class system and political critique. Tracey Emin has also written several books, most of which are her memoires. She is in the list of 100 of most powerful woman in Britain. Her artworks are ambiguous and challenging. She has raised the topics which are not expected to be raised by a woman and she is not afraid of the truth, whatever it is. Though her works are mostly personal, they have gained wide audience response and acclaim.

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