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Sooner or later every person faces some ethical problems that he or she needs to solve. Sometimes the choice is too difficult to make; however, one cannot avoid it. In fact, I also had such a situation in my life.

I was working as a secretary of executive manager in a theater, and one of my duties was to make reports about the sums of money that were spent on business trips, tickets, and hotel reservations. When I just started my work, I had to check all the documentation that was kept by my predecessor. When I was doing this, I discovered that there was some extra money in the office. I could not understand where it came from; and I was thinking to myself whether I should or should not tell anyone about this. I could have kept it as I was in need of money, similarly to the majority of students. Most probably, no one would have found out about this, and even if they had, they would have thought it was the previous secretary who did it as I had only started my work in this office. But in the end I decided to inform my boss about this. He double-checked everything and found a mistake in the reports.

I think that I made the right choice by telling my boss about this. Not only did I gain trust and respect of my colleagues, but I also received a bonus payment, which was very helpful at that time. I enjoyed working in that office, and the experience that I have got there will be with me no matter where I will be working. 

I think that in such situations as this one, people should not be tempted easily and think twice about the profit they will gain and the probable consequences of such deeds. It is my belief that in any situation that involves professional ethics, people should be guided by their conscience and honesty and not by the desire to earn some money without any effort. And it is my belief that if everyone follows this principle, this business will probably become more successful.

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